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Sometimes you eat shit and it just sucks.
And other times it’s a wonderful reminder of the people who love you and will bandage your bloody leg like it’s life or death and demand some goddamn ice and call you poor sweet baby and take 1000 selfies with your oozing leg just to let you know they’re here, and they care.

I miss London + gin and tonics the size of my head + day drinks and not giving any fucks besides this dress.
I think it’s time for a trip.

Down another rabbit hole w. @zeusmillerny + @j_rroche

When taking a spontaneous right turn instead of a left toward home is an unspoken, obvious ‘yes.’
Brooklyn I love when you surprise me.

I put on my clothes like a body guard
I put the dogs on patrol in my own back yard
I don't wanna fight but I'm constantly ready
And I don't rock the boat, but it's always unsteady.

The other night I got to celebrate one of my favorite people with more of my other favorite people.
Happy birthday sweet Sarah:
to cheap tallboys and cat cuddles and a badass 28th.

I give zero fucks about the fourth but I love the hell out of this guy and this place.
Feeling as light & free as ever.

She’s so unusual.

If this ain’t ride or die I don’t know what is.


Fire skies and week nite bike rides

After all the sweat had dried.

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