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Being flexible and pain free is important. Some of you already know from your own experience how hard and frustrating it can be when you suffer from having a bad posture and pain in your joints. That's why I dedicate time to my Stretch & Tone workouts and Postural Therapy routines in the ZGYM few times a week. It's a constant work in progress. It's work that's never done. If I stopped focusing on my posture and mobility I would soon be in pain. Gravity is a b**ch 😁 and if you can understand that it's normal and it happens to everyone regardless of their fitness level, then you're more likely to take charge of your own health and work on prevention.
P.S. My bikini line is ready. There are 3 different colours and this is one of them. Today we're taking pictures for the store (at ZuzkaLight.com) and hopefully we'll be able to launch within a few hours.

Hey guys, there's a new Stretch & Tone workout in the ZGYM (at ZuzkaLight.com) make sure to do these workouts with me - it will help you to get stronger and more athletic.
Today is day 3 of the #zgymbenchmark challenge - are you ready to do another practice round? I'll be checking in 😉

Here are some of the exercises from the #zgymbenchmark challenge that I wanted to show you. Remember that you should always focus on your form first before trying to compete for time. What is the point of being fast if you're not getting the benefits of these exercises or worse - ruining your posture and risking an injury. I know we've been sharing our times for the one round and some of us got competitive (including myself) but I'd like you to slow down and make sure you're perfect. If you're a beginner, you will do easier modifications and that's fine, but those should be done with good form as well. Have fun practicing! 💪❤️

Hey guys, I hope you're having fun with the #zgymbenchmark challenge so far. Enjoy day #2 and don't forget to post about it. I'll be checking in again.
Today I posted the first workout of a brand new series in the ZGYM (at ZuzkaLight.com) The new Low Impact Full Body series is for everyone who wants to get fit and strong while being gentle to their joints. See you there!! 💪❤️

#zgymbenchmark @zuzkalight
I'm doing this challenge with you guys :) it's hard not to when I see your posts and your times. It makes me want to push myself. That's exactly what I wanted to achieve with this challenge - to give us all the motivation and support to exercise. Now this is not a competition so it doesn't matter how long it takes you to do the workout. I won't pick the winner based on their time but I like when you guys share it for extra motivation. I did one round today and it took me exactly 4 minutes. Everyone has their own challenges and areas where they need to improve. Some of you struggle with push ups or pistols and some of you are trying to improve cardio and strength endurance. I had perfect form throughout but it was the hardest I pushed myself in a while. My lungs where burning!
Keep posting and if you want to join you still have time today so don't miss the opportunity. You can read all about the challenge on my website- click on the link in my bio 🔝 have fun! 💪❤️

Check out my new recipe at ZuzkaLight.com
I've been eating mostly #plantbased as you can see from my recent recipes as it's a part of the process of creating a plant based meal plan. So far I've been really enjoying eating this way so I can't wait to launch it.
P.s. Keep posting your #zgymbenchmark challenge you still have the entire day today to join. Learn more about the challenge on my website - click on the link in my bio 🔝

Hey guys, I'm really happy we're starting this week with a fun challenge. You have the entire day to join - click on the link in my bio to learn all about the #zgymbenchmark challenge. I've already seen some of your posts and can't wait to see more 🤗 also make sure to see the new weekly workout schedule in the ZGYM at ZuzkaLight.com

I'm looking forward to starting the #zgymbenchmark challenge with you tomorrow. I'll be checking in on you so don't forget to tag me and use #zgymbenchmark in your posts. You can be as creative as you want, just make sure to share your journey of doing this challenge. Search through the hashtag to see what others are posting and If you're worried about your privacy, you can always set up a special ZGYM Instagram account for our challenges and leave your personal account out of it. I'm so looking forward to see all your posts!! Click on the link in my bio 🔝to see more info about this challenge.

Buckwheat is often presented as one of the healthiest grains, but it’s actually fruit seed that belongs to the same category as rhubarb and sorrel, which makes it naturally gluten free and safe for anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Buckwheat is groats are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Buckwheat porridge has a naturally sweet, nutty taste and some of the health benefits include digestive help, blood sugar management, and anti-inflammation properties.
The recipe is on my website ZuzkaLight.com

P.S. Don't forget about the ZGYM Benchmark challenge that starts tomorrow (click on the link in my bio 🔝for more info)

I look at our training in the ZGYM as a basic way to get or stay fit, strong and flexible. However, whenever I have more time for myself, I try to do other activities like swimming, hiking or tennis. It's great to see how your strength and endurance translates into different sports. What do you do on your free time to be more active?

These are the exercises from the ZGYM Benchmark challenge we're starting together on Monday - read the instructions on my website (click on the link in my bio 🔝) and watch the video to see easier modifications. Whoever stays consistent daily throughout the next week will have the chance to win! Make sure to always use the hashtag #zgymbenchmark and tag me so I can check in on you 😉

Hey guys, I have for you a fun challenge and the chance to win a voucher for $50 to shop in my store. Click on the link in my bio 🔝 to learn more and to watch my new 5 Minute Fit Friday 💪❤️

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