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mampus kau dikoyak-koyak s̶e̶p̶i̶ seni

here it comes here it comes the life we never thought would begin

Never knew that i could find a lady that sings about sex, drugs, depression and wanting to die all at the same time

🎶 “the lights are much brigther there you can forget all yor troubles, forget all your cares” 🎶

* iklan layanan masyarakat tahun 2190 *
it’s your time
to find happiness
to find adventure
to unplug from your daily life
to have fun
to find yourself
to connect
to find love
to find life
🎉🎊 in san junipero your life is always ready 🎊🎉
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run boy, run!
this world isn’t made for you

[masukkan kutipan Pram disini agar supaya~]

@fazerdaze 🎸 ✨
🎬: @khrisnadwntr 🤙🏾

‘Scuse me... #purplehaze

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