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"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." 🖤☯️🖤Written by Francis Bacon, and post created by me and model is also me @zusannamonte @wordsbyzusanna
Poem by #francisbacon
Model is #zusannamonte #wordsbyzusanna
Photo by Serge

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"I have a bad habit of searching for beauty in beasts and forever in temporary people."
One thing is for sure, I'm too weird to be forgotten. "I don't carry any hate in my heart. If I loved you before, I still got love for you. Stay away from me though." There are only like 2 maybe even 3 old friends I miss, all others who became strangers are meaningless to me. I wouldn't want to be friends with them again though. I'm very selective on who I choose to call "friend" and even more selective on who I choose to stay friends with. I'm a loner 99% of the time. I don't have time to be friends with people that don't take care of our friendship and don't value it or fuck it up or have nothing to offer spiritually, we either grow together and learn together or you're holding me back. No second chances. Love me from afar. Creep on my profile all you want, I see ya'll. I'm impossible to forget I know. I value myself enough to walk away from toxic people, no matter how much I love them, I love myself even more. And I'm in love with my solitude. There's only 1 friend I talk to on a daily basis. We met online by Destiny (literally the game Destiny) but she followed me on IG before that but I didn't follow her until I met her. We have a witchy bond. Even my husband see's how much she loves me. He says that some not all, some of my friends take advantage of my kindness or use me, but this one he says is very kind to me as well. I'm very kind to people but no pushover let me tell you, the darkness in me is as strong as the light in me. So I stay away from toxic people with negative energy. Energy is contagious. Some people bring out the bad in me just with their presence alone, so I avoid negativity and negative people. STICK WITH THE PEOPLE WHO PULL THE MAGICK OUT OF YOU AND NOT THE MADNESS. The darkness in me doesn't play. When it comes out it's hard to control what I say. Most of those things are not even things I want to say or knew to say, it's like something else is speaking through me and even predicts stuff I have no way of knowing, stuff that comes to pass too like death (it's both a gift and a curse). But I embrace my darkness just as I do my light.

❤🖤❤ It's a compliment really🖤❤🖤 When my dad was alive he would call me his Rebelde (Rebel) and my family would always tell me since I was a little girl, "Espirito del demonio" / "Demon spirit" "Pobre con el que te cases" / "Poor man that marries you." Or "Con ese caracte nadie te aguanta." / "With that character no one will put up with you." Oh dang look at me, being with the same guy I met and fell in love with at 16. I'm now 27 years old. He puts up with me happily. I'm very down to Earth and not materialistic, I don't give a shit about name brands or whatever. But I always say what I think and feel. If that makes me a Cabrona (Bitch) than I rather be that than a Pendeja (Stupid Woman).


Mejor cabrona que pendeja! 💁‍♀️😘🙃 Así es como soy y así seré. No me importa ni una mierda lo que piensen de mí.😊
💟💖💗Better to be a bitch than a pendeja. This is how I am and this is how I'll be l. I do not give a shit what others think of me.😚

How is everyone doing today?🌷I recently got a new phone from T-Mobile, the S9, and it seems to have a bug. I haven't updated it yet, so I hope they released a fix for the black dot on selfie mode since a lot of people complained about it online. But there it is on my cleavage lmao I'm going to finally do the update it keeps bugging me to do LOL hopefully it goes away. It shows up in a lot of my selfies. But this one could of just been my cleavage shadow lol I looked through all my photos from when I first got this phone 2 months ago, and it appears it just started popping up around the last 2 weeks. I will be doing the update soon but I keep forgetting lol

My ancestors are far more savage than I🖤🖤🖤Love this meme by @goddess_of_magi 🖤🖤🖤


🖤Double, double toil and trouble;
fire burn and cauldron bubble🖤
😍 #tagtheartist

Have a goodnight y'all. 💗💖💟

Fallout Cosplay mistaken for Terrorist 🤣😂

(EDIT: I follow breastfeeding and birth pages, and most of them show full nudity, women giving birth, vaginas showing, nipples showing, so IG DO NOT remove my pastie selfies, apparently if you're actively breastfeeding it's allowed, and well I mean I am actively breastfeeding, just not in pic.) Earlier today IG removed my previous boob selfie🙄, it got a lot of love too😏. It got removed, even though I'm wearing pasties?🤔 what happened to "free the nipple" movement, chill they're just boobs, (THEY'RE PART OF THE HUMAN BODY) yes they're amazing, they nourish my almost 2 year old🤱🏻. If boobs offend you, GET OFF MY PAGE, UNFOLLOW ME, BEGONE BITCH. I've seen lots of girls post pics of them wearing see-through lace pasties or see through shirts where you can see their lady bits 98% clear, or they just slightly blur the nipple out and keep the areola exposed, I follow and like their pics, they're sexy. Whoever reported it, pinche envidiosa.🖕 Probably some jealous bitch who got mad that her man liked my photo🙊💁🏻‍♀️. Chill bitch. I'm eye candy and soul food. When a bitch doesn't like me it's because her man DOES. I bet it's the kind of jealous bitch that gets offended when her man watches porn. In this world there's two kinds of women, the kind that KNOW their man watches porn, and the kind that THINKS he doesn't. Lmao enjoy eye candy with him, watch porn with him, learn a thing or two from it. Don't be a boring bitch. Life is too short to be boring. They're JUST boobs. Their natural purpose is to nurse children. Society just sexualizes them. Nothing wrong with enjoying some eye candy from a mature woman. I'm straight but I enjoy eye candy on the gram too. I let my man follow and like pics of other models too. Nothing wrong with that, men follow me too. I'm not insecure, jealous or controlling, I don't go around reporting pictures of girls that I find threatening, or tell my man to unfollow or not to follow other women. I don't find ANY woman threatening because of how my MAN treats me and because of my confidence. My man makes me feel like the most sublime creature in his eyes, and that's all that matters. He's the Gomez to my Morticia. BITCH BEGONE.

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