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Ryan Zunkley  Direction & Art Direction

2004-2018 these two are in the shape of their lives and have a reunion show this weekend check out American Werewolves if you are in Cleveland. Yes I’m wearing a wave cap under a Camo Yankees fitted.

Haven’t trained in awhile and today was shark tanks and I got grouped up with some killers including one of the worlds hardest men @werdum. For those that don’t know shark tanks are fresh opponents every minute trying to kill you for several rounds. It break everyone especially a flabby bum like me. There is times in life where you make mistakes, there are times when you lose simply because of some random chance. Then there are nights like tonight where you are out classed in just about every way imaginable. In these moments you get a different kind of lesson. You learn just how far that dark place in your mind can go. Every doubt and insecurity is waiting for you down there when you are taking the worlds biggest L. Then a funny thing happens, you realize there is no way out, you can’t quit, there is no reasoning with it so just keep fucking moving. Keep fucking fighting and you learn there might be a little more fire in your heart than you ever knew. Every person in the world should feel this feeling once in your life and I’m honored I’ve got to feel it tonight. @cobrinhacharles thank you.


Got broken off at Nike SB park with ole Brass. Im going to be feeling it tomorrow 🤕

Tbt to @ericfuckingandre bday party in the presence of mad influencers 📷 by @jasoncmacdonald

💕RIP Liz Dotts 💕 “The world is cruel to beautiful things. “ - slee

For Higher

Tbt me ASAP.

S.F. Camo

I’m flying! 📷 @emilyreenders

This is my brother Eric, he’s always been the reasonable one that operates on logic and facts, I’ve always been the impulsive one that runs on intuition and feelings. He got me into skateboarding, photography and music, I got him into fights, and animation. He drives me insane most of the time but if anyone said anything bad about him I’d punch them in the face. Cause after all thats what brothers do.


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