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Zuke's  Driven by the joy of exploring with your dog, Zuke's creates treats & supplements with the best natural ingredients. #zukespack #livelifeoffleash


Some might say #TongueOutTuesday is better with treats. 📸: @mirandashea24

Peanut the Adventure Pup is all of us at the end of a Monday. Maybe an Endurance chew would help... 📸: @alexborsuk

Good Morning!! @laducb here - I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Tonto and Finn, and how we are navigating the transition to their golden years! There is a Dean Koontz quote that comes to mind whenever I think about my dogs aging, and I will be totally honest when I tell you that it brings tears to my eyes each time I read it: “Dogs lives are too short, you know the pain is coming, but there is beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes at an unbearable price.” As depressing as this is to think about, it is important for me to read because it makes me focus on making the absolute most out of the time we have left together! This is why we're so incredibly grateful to be a part of the #ZukesPack team. We are an active family, and we love that Zuke’s makes treats and food that focus on activity and complete health. Loaded with the best natural ingredients and made in small batches, Zuke’s focuses on making products that enhance and promote overall daily well-being for dogs of all ages. Tonto and Finn have become reliant on the benefits that Zuke’s Enhance Functional Chews offer for their joint health and mobility. We can’t recommend them enough! Thanks for following along on our takeover - we sure had a fun time sharing! #ZukesSeniorTakeover #LiveLifeOffLeash #zukespack

Retirement. It's a big deal. It’s just as real for dogs as it is for us! So let’s talk about alternative adventures and giving our senior dogs a little extra TLC. As my dogs head into retirement age, I have been focusing on making each day count for them. Here are some of our favorite low key adventures: Road trips – whether it’s a day trip to somewhere you have never been or a weekend on the road, take your seniors out and make some memories! Camping – there is nothing a dog loves more than the outdoors, so pack up your gear (and don’t forget your treats) and spend a few nights under the stars! Swimming holes – whether it’s a lake, a river or the ocean, take your best friend to the water – if they don’t like swimming, the sights and sounds alone will make them happy! Rent a pet-friendly yurt or AirBnB – take a mini vacation, find a pet-friendly place and spend some time with relaxing. This is, after all, their retirement years – give them some extra treats, let them beg for food a bit longer than normal, and let them hog the bed! Make their lives as amazing as they have made yours! Has anyone else taken some alternative adventures to spoil their dogs? What are they? We would love to hear about your stories! #ZukesSeniorTakeover #LiveLifeOffLeash #ZukesPets

Hi 👋! @laducb here! As our dogs transition into “seniors,” we have to make important lifestyle/activity changes to ensure we are not pushing them past their capablities. In the past we would aim for summits with big views, but now we pay more attention to what is best for our dogs. If it’s sunny and hot, we avoid summit hikes and we stick to shaded trails to waterfalls or along rivers. Since each dog is different, my suggestion is to research your hikes ahead of time and make sure the distance and elevation gain are a fit for you and your dog. To avoid any issues with heat, hike for sunrise or sunset when the temperatures are cooler. While this may seem like a no brainer, it is sometimes hard to find the perfect hike! Instagram has proven to be an incredibly useful research tool in this regard – reach out to people who have recently been on a trail to ask about conditions to determine its suitability for you and your dog. Another key factor in choosing a new hike for us is how spread out the elevation gain is. If the trail is moderate the entire way, my dogs tend to do better than a trail that has extremely steep sections. We have also learned to take more treat and water breaks and slow our pace. If your dogs are like mine, they tend to double our mileage on a hike, so slowing our pace has proven to be crucial in moderating their distance and exertion. If you set out on a trail that you think you’re ready for and it becomes too much, there is no shame in turning around! The trails will always be there and its important to remember that as our dogs age, their endurance levels will consistently change – it’s up to us to make sure we are paying close attention to them! Is anyone else hiking with a senior dog? We’d love to hear your stories! I know how difficult it can be to figure out what is the ideal amount of activity. #ZukesSeniorTakeover #LiveLifeOffLeash #ZukesPets

Congrats @britneybuhman !! GIVEAWAY!!! Who else uses Zuke’s Enhance Functional Chews for their senior dogs? To win a full set, tag a friend in the comment section below and be sure to follow me @laducb and @ZukesPets! Each friend tagged will count as an entry! The winner will be chosen at random this Saturday! We use these treats with our dog Finn. Finn was adopted from a rescue that had removed him from an abuse situation when he was around seven months old. With a history of slipped discs in his back, we have to really make sure we take it easy with him as he transitions into his senior years. Finn tends to over-do everything. While he might want to hike further, play sticks longer, or dig rocks in the river until his nails bleed, he doesn’t know his own limits. Realizing this, we have found other ways to keep him stimulated. We teach our old dog new tricks! This maintains his mental health and is a lot of fun. Finn recently enjoyed learning the “touch this” trick when he receives a new toy. This is a great way for him to be stimulated without a lot of physical endurance. Even with modified activity, we have found that as Finn ages, joint supplements are essential – loaded with glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric. We consistently treat with Zuke’s Enhance Mobility, and he is extremely grateful for the benefits! #ZukesSeniorTakeover #LiveLifeOffLeash #ZukesPack

Hey everyone! @laducb and Tonto here again to talk a little bit more about the “golden years.” In addition to standard aging issues for dogs his size (hip problems, decreased energy, weight management), Tonto is also now completely deaf. This has been the biggest adjustment for us so far as we have had to retrain him with body and sign comands as opposed to verbal. Treats have been a staple in our retraining process – for example, when we are hiking and approaching dogs or people, he will turn around to see our body language. He has learned to lock eyes with us and if we continue to walk, he knows it is okay to keep going. If we drop down to our knees, he knows he is supposed to come back and we give him treats immediately. This retraining process started in the house with treating after simple eye contact from only a few feet away, consistantly moving further away while adding in body commands. Through treating and postive reinforcement, Tonto has learned that coming to me quickly when we lock eyes reeps a lot of benefits! Have you experienced training a deaf dog? If so, I would love to hear your experiences and recommendations. #ZukesSeniorTakeover #LiveLifeOffLeash #zukespack

Hi everyone! @laducb - Bryce, Tonto and Finn here, and we’ll be taking over the @zukespets page for the next few days talking about transitioning active dogs from an adult to a senior lifestyle. Tonto and Finn both celebrated their 12th birthday this year, and while they have been blessed with overall good health, they are heading well into their senior years. We have hiked hundreds of miles, we have traveled to 27 states and seven national parks, we moved across the country and we have enjoyed countless sunrises and sunsets together! Time flies when you’re having fun, and sadly, the senior years seem to have snuck up on us out of nowhere. Getting up into the car has become a struggle. Stairs and steep rocky trails are slow going. Instead of jumping over a downed tree on the trail as they once did, they now go under or around. Their bodies creak the day after a hike. This being said, keeping them physically and mentally active is extremely important to me. To help them age gracefully, I have become more in tune with their changes and have modified our lifestyle to accommodate more age-appropriate adventures. Follow along with us over the next few days to learn how we have transitioned into the “golden years,” share your tips about how you navigated this stage, and best of all, enter for a chance to WIN SOME ZUKES TREATS! #ZukesSeniorTakeover #LiveLifeOffLeash #zukespack

Finn plots world domination from the comfort of his sleeping bag ... starting with a @zukespets takeover next week! Stay tuned for his adventures as told by #zukespack influencer @laducb . #livelifeoffleash

Bedtime stories are best told by the glow of the tent light.

Is it camp:30 yet? 📸: @willowthewildandco
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“Freedom lies in being bold.” – Robert Frost
Have a safe, star-spangled 4th of July! ⭐️🇺🇸 📸: @pointer_view

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Total eclipse of the ❤️. 📸: @alisontravels #livelifeoffleash #zukespack

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