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give your honest opinion about me, or my account👌🏾

I don't have any money to donate, I really wish I could. If you can help and donate please click the link in my bio, and also if you can't just repost or retweet, help spread the word💞

Skai Jackson supporting Zayn, one of the reasons why I love her👋🏾❤️🙌🏾


It pisses me off when people get hate from others because of shipping or not shipping a certain couple, and believing if that couple is real or fake, let those people believe what they want, instead of just jumping right in and starting unnecessary arguments, name-calling, or whatever, it's honestly sad, for example if I want to believe that ziam is real, please just don't come at me and be the first one to say "ziam is fake😒," "you're so pathetic...." blah blah, I know we all have different opinions but just don't be so rude about it...

comment two facts about yourself.❤️

I'm not good at themes, but if i did, this might be apart of my new theme... what do you guys think?



hi, good morning💋

I'm back from Seattle :(

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