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Zora Iuga  Image maker. Highly addicted to the study of living things and their manufactures. More than intrigued by the dispersion of dark.


Lately, my training hours are in perfect sync with city rush hours so I’ve had to investigate some shortcuts - though gardens, unpaved roads, narrow streets and all that jazz. Needless to say, it has become my favourite way to travel though the city. #zorasdailies

Nowadays, nature makes flying creatures out of anything. Like these shimmering butterflies, made out of light, standing still and slightly moving at the same time. #zorasdailies

The long drive home, after #ElectricCastle, with one of the most fun drivers out there. #zorasdailies

Frankie goes to Hollywood.
Freddie goes to Bontida. #zorasdailies

Refuel, mid 200km ride, for there is a mountain to be conquered and a descent to befriend. #zorasdailies #latergram

Lately I’ve been watching people sleep and forgetting my leaves on their mattresses. Lately my fingers smell like ammonium thiosulfate and empty walls. #zorasdailies

Woke up early enough and caught a patch of dry asphalt and almost a minute of sunshine. To make things clear, yesterday was raining so hard that I was knee deep in water on the sidewalk. #zorasdailies

Six windows, three rays, one door, one dent in the ground and an unlimited ammount of chaos under the skin. Latergram of a pit stop in space and time. #zorasdailies

Open summer, open back, open bicycle garden, open mind,  a serious light leak in the camera and a constellation forming on someone’s back. #zorasdailies

Summer afternoons spent the right way - mushrooms, peppers, deciding whether to leap or not and remembering how meeting strangers works. #zorasdailies

Lately night has been my friend. Lately secret Bucharest has been making my acquaintance. Lately a stranger has been crashing into my shoulder all too vey often. Now, I’m making friends with an acoustic room, mid park, mid night, mid asleep city. #zorasdailies

Saturday some incredible riding happened. I literally crossed them mountains from south to north. By bicycle. Did not actually take pictures, but stopped, googled at the landscape, stuck the pretty into as many memory pockets as possible. #zorasdailies

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