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Zora Iuga  Image maker. Highly addicted to the study of living things and their manufactures. More than intrigued by the dispersion of dark.


On a ridge, with heaps of shadows under the soles of my feet and even more storms under the skin … there … it is there that I met a dog, I ammased another slab to myself and drank coffe, from a http://hallo.ro/dictionar-englez-roman/thermos http://hallo.ro/dictionar-englez-roman/flask, with a soon-to-ve dragon. #zorasdailies

"Your bicycle is in good hands, human" said the office cat as I was leaving my Amira there and taking a ,,uber" home. #zorasdailies #iamspecialized

The Amira almost never flat tires (2nd one in 6k), but when she does, it is in the prettiest of places. #zorasdailies #bucharestcityfeelings #iamspecialized #ambulitgenunchii

About human collisions. “Come in, be amazed, leave when you start breaking things, stay if you can survive and most importantly call everything by it’s right name, solve the puzzle.” P.S. That’s not a cross, it’s the letter ‘’t”. #zorasdaiies #latergram

Sometimes I miss being on the road, literally, with my ear stuck to the gravel and my palms leaning against it. #zorasdailies #încercîncerc

The new neighbors have finally finished renovating the house and garden to fit their needs. #zorasdailies

Once in a run up a hill, my knees got angry. Then they crashed into a ledge, high up a mountain and decided to superglue themselves back together. #zorasdailies #latergram

I used to believe that my Amira was only for racing and training. Then the city bike and the car had to be taken at the service and this happened: grocery shopping, with a bag seriously heavier than the bike. #zorasdailies #iamspecialized

Mid night, mid dark, mid forest, mid mosquito flock and mid skin storm. The hourglass is dizzy, them primordial instincts are spiking and we’re bending our knees the wrong way. #zorasdailies

The adequate amount of coffee is here to save the day. The blue led under desk is here to save me from silence. Leg day is here to save me from 3 weeks of the bike. #zorasdailies #gettingmykneeback

"I have gone into the forest, for when I die, I don't find out, that I have not lived at all." #zorasdailies

There was a time when we’d roam the forrest of this county, not there are barely any forests left to roam, just a couple of trees, trying to not forget the stories they’ve accumulated. #zorasdailies #latergram

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