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Last summer, when it was nearing time for the lease on my car to end, my husband insisted we purchase a 2011 A8L. It didn’t take much convincing- this is not our first #Audi 😊 — but an #A8 is a rather different beast from a VW Golf.

I have a 45 mile commute, every day, each way, through mountainous woodsy Maine backroads. “Someday, when you hit a deer, I need to know you’ll come home,” he said.

Today was that day.

This magnificent car did everything right. Every. Single. Thing.

It proved that it isn’t just breathtakingly beautiful and sweet fun to drive. It handled efficiently, with control, and instantly, as if it read my mind, and Rocinante shrugged the deer off its grill and into the woods as if to say, “Not on my watch.” Thank you.
Thank you for building something so brilliant. Thank you for getting me safely home. #comehomesafe #besafe #audiiusa #audia8 #guardian

Mama, put work away.

Izzy storytelling. Belated birthday dinner with my family.

Didn’t wash the dogs. Didn’t do laundry. Did clean two rugs.
I like what I *did* do today much better. Happy birthday, sweet baby Bella. Sorry, I mean, Izzy. Happy birthday.

Me: I’m so glad we went for a walk today.
Izzy: me too.
Me: I think it’s probably the best way we could have sent the day [her 15th birthday and Mother’s Day]
Izzy: yeah, I agree.

Me: haven’t been able to wipe the silly grin off my face for the past few hours.
#momlife #mothersday

15th Birthday / Mother’s Day Lunch.

This Mother’s Day, I’m going to bathe two dogs, clean carpets, and do laundry. 😂
Also a huge shout out to the reason for today: it’s my daughter’s 15th birthday ❤️
#momlife #itsnotaboutme #mothersday #calgontakemeaway

Morning junk run before yoga.

Lunch for lunch (and nachos!). Errands make a girl hungry!!!

Since reiki this morning 😂❤️
@wholeisticheals at @ananda_yoga_maine takes great care of her people. Definitely go see her!!!! #belfastmaine #wellness

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