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Z Ó N E L H A R R I S O N 🕊  Aspiring Australian YouTuber 📍SYD|AUS 💍 Luke Harrison Email: Check out my channel below:

We’re finally moving into our new apartment on Saturday and I’m going to vlog it all 😌. (Side note: how cute is my dog? 😍😂 wish she was coming with us). X

We arrived in Sydney exactly one year ago today🇦🇺. Crazy how much has happened and changed in one year! Here are a few things I’ve learnt:
1. You truly find out what it means to be each other’s FRIEND in marriage because moving can be lonely and all you’ve got is each other.
2. Be patient and LEARN - just because one door has opened does not mean every other door will come flying open. It’s important to learn and grow in whatever season you’re in.
3. My capacity is WAY bigger than I ever thought and Jesus is teaching me what it genuinely means to work my butt off.
4. Some friendships are unfortunately seasonal and I had to learn to be okay with that!
5. We have fallen in love with church all over again by simply just attending for the first few months, for the first time in forever.
6. I can be a ‘slasher’. I have always thought I can do one career and everything else I’m good at on the side as a hobby. But I now know that I am called to be Zonel The Artist/the designer/the YouTuber/The singer/The freelance illustrator/the owner of multiple businesses and so on.
Thankful for everything I’ve learnt and I cannot WAIT for the next year.
OH and I’m super proud of this guy who has fought battles no one will ever know about and has worked harder than anyone I know. Can’t believe we get to do this together. 💛

Happy happy 🍧😌.

My vlog will go live tomorrow (Saturday) at 4pm! We’re moving into our apartment next week and we decided to vlog the day we went to go get furniture (was a bit of a fail hahah 😂). Link in bio for my channel x

Mood when you get to work way too early. 😂 (I’m currently editing this week’s vlog - woohoo xx)

Obsessed with this place 😍

Your girl has decided to combine her YouTube and personal instas since she doesn’t have time to manage two hahah so my apologies if you don’t want anything to do with my channel 😂. Will be updating my bio and all that soooon. X

Can’t wait to get my hands on this blank canvas - aka hurry up moving day 😍

YES THATS THE HARBOUR BRIDGE ON OUR NEW STREET! This is my face right now cause we found out yesterday that we got an apartment in my dream suburb since I was a kid. Jesus is way too kind and I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed ! 😭💗 #ComeVisit #YourRoomIsReadyNicolle

Spent the long weekend with my people and it was just what my heart needed

Spent Good Friday at church this morning then went house hunting in dreamy neighbourhoods. Moving into our own space so soon. 💛

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to the love of my life! What crazy year it has been 😂🤦🏽‍♀️. In the last year you’ve moved countries, taken risks and travelled with me. It’s been so fun and if this year is anything to go by, then I know the big man upstairs just has MORE and MORE for you. And I still find it crazy that He has given me the honour to do this with you. You’re my absolute FAVOURITE and I love being so obsessed with you. Happy birthday again, my love. 💛

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