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hannah 🐉  cosplayer | cosmetologist | digital artist | photographer | gamer | asshole

i got him some vidya #excusemydirtyasscarpet


red team. shout out to alex for taking pictures for me lmao (i'm the fem!medic cosplayer right in the front) #whydoilooksouncomfortable #imsorrythatimblockingareallygoodsniper #otakon #tf2 #teamfortress2 #valve #otakon2015

at otakon today as Hooker w alex as Jacket ╮(╯▽╰)╭ #otakon #hotlinemiami

i found a spyro mosaic that i made in 8th grade B)
#spyro #🐉

i haven't posted in 46 years sry

i found my old w.i.t.c.h books from like second grade and i realized how weird the art style was, so this happened. forgive me for giving up on shading and also for giving her tits i forgot she was twelve

i spent forever strategically placing all these stickers &then my laptop immediately broke but hey that's fine #redbubble

marcel iron curl set feat. becca complaining abt her shirt

ew a shoulder!! call the police

wild mammoths #canon

the new leggings look great #redbubble

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