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Jenna Meow🐱  🍁ON,Canada~21🌜 💜Twitch Streamer🕹 🤘EDM/Metal & Anime🍥 💀Aspiring Alternative Model🔮 ⬇️Twitter, Twitch, SC, ect in link below⬇️

"Miss me with that bullshit
You ain't really wild, you a tourist" 👌😈😏
☽•◦ ✮ ◦•☾
Another drunk bathroom selfie ayybb💁🔥
Sweet dreams💋See ya qts Wed. on Stream💙

"..tangled up in your drastic ways
Who knew evil girls have the prettiest face" 😈🍥💙
Being sick forever is a drag, I missed ya babes
TY for the get well wishes! I'm much better😚
Stream & patreon comin online this week✨

No rest for da wicked😈
Drunk 3am bathroom selfie, sup yo?😎💁
☽•◦ ✮ ◦•☾
Also shoutout to you if you left an actual or
sweet question on my story, you dope asf🔥😘

How aboot that Canadian booteh?🇨🇦
Little bum luv🍑😼 Hope you have a rad weekend❤️

Everyone loves a Canadian girl🇨🇦😉
Q. Do you live in Canada or have you ever visited?🍁
Been killer hot here lately, hope you all remember
to drink lots of water & hopefully stay cool, ily❤️
P.s. My awaited Patreon comes out this week!😍

Happy Canada Day eh🇨🇦😘🍁
& if your from US, Happy early Independence Day🎆

"Make Me Bad"...senpai😈
Jen-pai anime devil🔥Swipe➳ 4 lewdness😘
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧
Update on patreon~ As soon as rewards get
mailed to me, I'll put my page up👌soon bb✨
+ stream sched for this week is Mon, Sat, Sun❤️

'Even light can corrupt'🍥😈
Purple, pink & blue hair💜💞💙 Feelin' fierce😘
Hope ya have a great night/day🤘I'm off to stream!
(Link in my story, bio & highlights)

Emilia~Chan Cosplay💜🍥
Where's S2 of Re:Zero? I need my waifuus😭
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧
May reshoot her this week along w/ a lewd vers😍
Q. What's your favourite anime & anime waifu?💫💋

Young, Wild & Free💜🌊
Okie, okie last of the outdoor spam for meow😹🍃
Working on prints/patreon tn & streamin' Sun.💕🤘

Good Morning loves🌅
Hope you have a wonderful weekend💜
📸: @erinkittens666

Summer lovin'🌸💞
Spending time outside is a beautiful thing😻
Q. What's your favourite part about summer?🌞
Not my usual type of posts but it makes me happy😺

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