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Vinnie p  We all want the world to be a better place so why won't we start changing ourselves and let the rest work itself out. I hope my page inspires you

Just another work day. Loving my new job though.

No fucking way. This kid went from the coolest in school to the dumbest in a matter of hours.

Fuck that. Why the fuck are we going to give 1.5 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FULL PROTECTION? So they can continue to live here and not follow the most basic law of being here legally? So they can commit crimes and not be deported due to protection and they can't be detained either because of their citizenship status? Foh

What a racist. How dare you call undocumented immigrants educated and accomplished with jobs and point out those serving in our military. Oh wait, he said good things about illegal immigrants, wonder why this isn't all over the internet?


For all the sensitive people #victim #racist #cryariver #crybaby #snowflakes #liberal

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