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Zorana • Zori  Seriously funny and funny being serious Supermoda EU / Muse NYC / Little Serbian / China📍/ 🐼🐿🐶✨🐾 Ambassador istandwithmypack.org


💙A view worth putting yourself thru a million of people and getting poked by that many selfie sticks❗️ So put your mind to it and you will succeed #victory #hongkong #concretejungle #zoraexplorer

Say cheeeeese!! Encountered with so many selfie sticks today (straight into my eye) so got one too, for the equal fight ! #hongkongstreets #zoraexplorer #realgeotagha!

Been a while since I lived in HK, but it's always good to be able to come back and walk thru memories #modelsjurnal #hongkong #realgeotagha! #globetrotter #praisethedifference

"Big pose big pose!!" the photographer shouted in only known English.. I could only think of wushu's tallest stance, The Crane. Haven't mastered it, yet, but plenty of time to learn with my elderly Chinese neighbors that practice it every day at 7am downstairs my apartment 👯🇨🇳 #modelsjournal #chinapose #culturalindulgence #kungfupanda

Back to the fishermen's village somewhere north of Shenzhen 🐸🇨🇳Fun fact: This is the place where HK movie The Mermaid (美人鱼 Beauty Fish) was made ! It wouldn't be interesting if I haven't watched it on some random American tv 10 days prior my trip to China 😁 It was directed by my fave Stephen Chow✨ #modelsjournal #mermaid #cny #zoraexplorer #howiknowaboutchinesemovies

My little yellow fellow 😺 He ran into the studio set, climbed up my leg during the shoot, so I picked him up before the studio staff would take him away. He was hungry and very playful so didn't let go of him till the end of the day. Made sure he's safe and fed at least for a day. #straycats #love #adoptdontshop #purrrlove
Shout out to my loves @istandwithmypack and @queenofheartsrescue , thinking of you and your amazing work from the other side of the world 💕🐾

Headache pose. When I realize this is not a dream 🇨🇳 Day 10, pretty busy, pretty humid. Learnt new words, Màn yīdiǎn, which means slow down. Totally opposite of how China was in past few years with fashion 😆 aka Zara pose. Me like. Oh, and been eating chaomien (chow mein) every day now, after finding the noodle shop near my place 🤗Gotta get that fat and carbs to survive 💕🍜 #staystrong #globetrotter #modelsjournal

Ni hao 🙋🏼from China 🇨🇳 It's not always fun and smiles in here but today def was! It's all about the attitude to endure anything ! Check out my IG story for more adventurous journal❗️Plus, I ate well, so wasn't hangry 🤤#grateful #stayingstrong #seashellcut #sandinpants #hotandhumid

Does the person create the journey or does journey create the person? #tbt #greatwallofchina 🌎🌍🌏 My journey around the globe has officially started! Again! Stay tuned via IG stories for some serious adventure! Fun guaranteed ! #globetrotter #modelsjournal #modelsbootcamp #zoraexplorer

9 out of 10 children get their craziness from their aunt!! ✨💕@carenutino #auntieduty #babyboy #babysitting

Ending the perfect weeknd ✨😍 Xo #partymonster #legendofthefall #peaceout

Be right back! ✈️ #SFbound

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