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Z O E Y  If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. Exist Loudly | ✞

“Come to me & I will give you rest” - Jesus

How do we find rest in the middle of a hectic, difficult, or painful season?  What about the slow, silent seasons when we're anxiously waiting to hear from God?
For me, finding rest (physically, mentally and spiritually) in my day-to-day life is the idea of stopping and starting - stopping whatever it is that I’M doing and starting whatever it is that GOD wants me to start doing.
In my current season, this means I find rest when I:
STOP talking, begging, complaining, and comparing
START listening, thanking, praising, and celebrating
STOP trying to line things up
START allowing HIM to line things up
STOP focusing on the impossibilities
START focusing on the abundant possibilities
STOP chasing the Dream
START chasing the Dream Giver

Right now, she’s just living her best life. She’s focused on herself. She’s falling in love with who she is. She’s excited about where she’s headed, and she’s excited about what’s next. She has so many goals, so many dreams, so much ambition, and she’s constantly finding new passions. She’s learning to be spontaneous. She’s learning to take risks. And she’s constantly learning to step outside of her comfort zone. You see - right now, she’s chasing the things that make her happy. She’s chasing the things that feed her soul. And to be honest with you - she could care less with what anybody else is doing. She could care less about what anybody else thinks. Because right now, her life is filled with so much peace. So much light. So much growth. So much faith. And so much hope. And right now, she’s just living her best life - and there’s absolutely nothing and no one that can get in the way of that. // R.S

Are you living your best life? 💁🏻‍♀️ Between multi-campus friends, phenomenal preaches AND AMAZING dance offs, I definitely think it’s safe to say that we’re living our best life!! 🤗💕✌️🙌💃🏻

Hi! 👋 Guess what!? God has a rhythm for your life. It’s assigned to you & it fits you! - Beth Blois ✌️

ONE YEAR AGO || On a cold winter day one year ago, there was a girl who was surrounded by friends (now family), who hopped into a warm spa and gave her life to Christ. And she lived happily ever after!! ✞ Well not quite. It sure as heck hasn’t been the smoothest year and there have been countless times where I’ve taken 1 step forward and a million steps back. There have been many frustrations, disappointments and LOTS of tears (no surprises there 🙄) but there have also been many new friends, open doors, laughter, growth, blessings and growing relationship with God. And despite the flippin hard times and the set backs I wouldn’t change that journey for the world. I’d rather walk a bumpy road with God than walk a smooth one without Him, hands down ANYTIME! Here’s to a new and exciting year ahead! 🙌

God never expected us to live boring and predictable lives. He’s called us to live a life full of joys and sorrows, battles and celebrations, success and failures, ups and downs. And He wants us to learn how to live expecting to gain from the unexpected every single time - @christinecaine

Laugh and live with confidence ✌️

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different ~ C.S Lewis

She will walk bravely into this test diving deep into the well of the wisdom and knowledge that has brought her this far. And not just because she has learned many things, but because she has lived many things, and now she has the strength and courage to give it her all, press toward the goal and achieve the impossible. For she knows she is guided, and by grace and, she can do this. @morganharpernichols

Flowers make me happy.. especially when it’s the bouquet you caught at @the.ritchies wedding! ✨

Love friends, weddings and the amazing @christie04 (see last pic 😂)

mmm doughnuts. 🍩

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