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hi you guys, as of 8:15PM indiana time, I’m the one overseeing her account until her mental health is okay. I understand the things she’s done aren’t cool, she knows. She’s hurt by her own actions and doesn’t need the world telling her this as well. She loves every single one of you more than anything, which is why she is taking this break. I am letting you all know, all of these hate messages you are sending are going directly to me. I would love to pray for every single one of you and zoe will be doing the same. She loves you all so very much. Don’t forget that. As soon as her health is doing alright, she’ll be back AND better. I PROMISE you that. I hope you all have a blessed night.



best friend, till the end.

look what you lost 🤷🏼‍♀️
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bff 🧡



i may have messed up but you will always have a piece of my heart ♡

pleased read: bullying and hating on anyone is so wrong and can destroy a persons mental health. i know a ton of people are mad at me but please put yourself in my shoes.. over 1m people are leaving nasty comments under every social media platform to the point where i had to turn off the comments on instagram and tik tok. the comments that i have gotten are so horrible and so graphic.. “kill yourself” “please just slit your wrists” “no one likes you” “jump or a bridge” “bleed out” < those are only half of the bad ones. cody and i do not deserve hate no matter what. second : STOP using this situation for clout and making it worse.. it’s not your business and was never supposed to be. Just because i made a mistake/ choice does not make me a horrible person.. it doesn’t change me or define me as a person either.. people change and i am working on changing for everyone around me including my friends. cody if you see this i am so sorry for putting you through pain and making you cry i never meant to hurt you ever.. i was just selfish and was thinking about my self.. you still mean so much to me and i will always love you and have you in my heart.


livin life to the fullest ♡

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