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Zoë G Hanson  Trying to manage in this chaotic yet wonderful world, while wanting to invoke vision and seek out the real dreams in life.

Wouldn’t mind being back in the mountains again!

My favorite smile!
#steppinguptostaires #ZandS

Nothing like time with family in the mountains!

As I get ready to step into a new life as a married woman I can’t help but be so grateful to my parents.
Today is their 45 wedding anniversary! How amazing is that? They have always been a great model of love, faith, hope and truth!
They are the greatest advocates you’ll find and are loyal till the end.
Perseverance and steadfastness, are of their very nature!
I love you both dearly, I’m forever thankful for you two!

So excited to go to the mountains soon!!

I’ve been sifting through my instagram and lots of thoughts have been swiftly following.
I want each person who looks at my instagram to begin to know who they’re taking time to watch.
I want to bring my passion(s) out in ways that fill you with inspiration to pursue and keep moving towards your goals.
This picture tells a not so pretty story of a girl who started dating a guy (Sullivan) only to try and impress him with her balancing “skills”
which by no surprise didn’t exist.
I wanna help you see how imperfect life is in the best way, i embarrassed myself in front of a handsome guy.
Which could seem bad, but it made me human, it made me clumsy, it made me real. (FYI this picture is from over a year ago)
I wanna share my vision with you, I want to help be a reminder of truth in your life.
My passion is to give passion, to share the future as a gift from tomorrow.
I want to help you see how important you are, and how your desires are good enough and that you are heard.
You aren’t my followers you are cofounders for a common agreement of a richly deep opportunity to live.
And that is why I want to be here to help you.

And don’t you forget it

Had some fun escaping into the woods and found a (w)rightfully charming house.
#franklloydwright #fallingwater

The big 20!
Happy Birthday sweet friend! I love you! We’ve been friends since before we were ever born and I love that! Cheers to friendship and the amazing person you are!

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day (Mckenna) and as we talked it seems so often we get caught up in what we see as bad traits, but in actuality our are greatest strengths.
The enemy loves to make us believe lies, but they are nothing more than false truths. You are made for good, its just a matter of finding out what it is and improving on that step by step.
How often do you look around you and wish you had a life like the person next to you?
Probably more often than you ever catch yourself in the moment.

In the media now comparison and envy is so prevalent, as well as criticism and judgment.
And what has that shown more of?
Self hatred.

That who you are is not adequate.
And so many think they will not be as good as those around them.
What a tragic misconception.
Comparison is a game we are doomed to fail. Each person is their own unique depiction of beauty and talent. Many are similar, but none are the same.
By trying to beat someone else by being “better” or to look at others as if they are “better” than you is taking both of you down by devaluing both peoples definitive differences.
Love god, love yourself and love others fiercely!

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