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gemini • zodiac posts  I like sunsets//spam when you follow♡ creds is much appreciated if u repost//no creds after asked=blocked💗

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comment some hard “would you rather?”s♡

what’s your favorite pick up line?

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if u can comment 10 “💗” In a row, I’ll give u a spam and comment on my favorite picture!! public accs only 💗

What is one trait or quality you look for in a significant other?

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what grade are you guys in?

honestly this is quite accurate because I love performing and drama is my life tbh
comment what you got and if u agree♡

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what time do you usually wake up in the mornings?

sweetener is honestly such a good album!
Comment your favorite song on the album! mine is the light is coming

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Name one thing you can’t live without ♡

uhm I’ve been dating my boo for 3 years sooo and I’m a Gemini lmao
How long was your longest relationship?

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which one do you like better, sunrises or sunsets?

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