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gemini • zodiac posts  I like sunsets//spam when you follow♡ creds is much appreciated if u repost//no creds after asked=blocked💗

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wow posting two days in a row, this is quite new!
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i think I’m ready to come back :’)

Follow @zodiacsunsets for more!! // hey guys! Yes I know it’s been a long time but yes I’m still here. I’ve gotten many dms, some more pleasant than others, and to answer you guys, no I’m not giving away this account. There is this thing called life and sometimes it’s gets overwhelming. My senior year is coming up and I’ve been stressed. I literally had a panic attack last week at work which was the worst. So I’d really appreciate it if you guys weren’t rude asking me to sell my account thank you ! (Edit: cancer is under gem and Scorpio is on the 6th one)

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Follow (@zodiacsunsets) for more !! first off yes I know it’s a little hard to read but Im very proud of this picture, also yes I’m back! I’ve been saying that way too often but I’m going to try my best to post more! I’ve lost motivation but I’m slowly coming back up from the hole that I’ve been in, and by hole I mean busy. Yikes anyways, comment a heart if you read my caption 💓 also I have no patience for those who wanna steal my posts so if y’all don’t give creds when I ask politely, I will block you ! AND THANK YOU FOR 20K!! I never thought I’d reach it but I have!! God bless y’all

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