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Happy Father’s Day Daddy! Thank you for always reading to us and letting us soak your shirt with our wet hair. You are coolest and most supportive dad in the world! I love you!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Devon! We met when we were 13 when she helped me find a tampon at a Halloween party and we have been playing dress up together ever since. She acts about 20 years older than me and I LOVE her for it. 👭💕

Brooks Champeny family fun times

It’s called vacation sweetie

Sibling haircut photo. But really I just wanted to show off my new kid’s sunglasses from Walgreens.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

The chuychanga experience

Just girl riding in the back of a Kia Sorento she drove in high school.

Goes to Texas once 😍

Got my nails did by the amazing Nell again #atx #hardgel #manicure #watermelon
#Repost @finger_nells with @get_repost
Watermelon #oilcloth inspired nails for @zo_bro 🍉

Scaring boys and making them cry since day one bitch

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