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Zoey Brooks  I like tuttles 🐢

Ok, who found me out?

Just got my camera developed and I must say I am feeling really proud and empowered at some of the images I was lucky to have captured. I saw this young little lady at the million women march. She gives me so much hope for the future. I wish I had gotten her info to give her this photo so that she is reminded and never forgets how strong and powerful she is. And it let be a reminder to the rest of you as well. #millionwomenmarch

Please share as I want to find this young woman and am terrible at coming up with hashtags! #photography #pussygrabsback #blackandwhite #film #women #millionwomenmarchonwashington #womenarestrong

#tbt to when my mom gave me a bowl cut 😒

Just when I thought I couldn't love him more than I already do, he goes and pulls a baller role model move like this #schoolboyq

Posting this for my own selfish benefit. And cuz the lighting was good, and cuz I wore make up for once. Sometimes ya gotta do that for yourself.

Babes of Red Carpet Comedy

Thank you Jessica for documenting 💗
#junglejill #redcarpetcomedy

Just a couple of gals painting the town in their new berets

My dad keeping it real when I whined about the ending of The OA. Let this be a life lesson for all of you to have the confidence to think for yourself, and not just what you see on the news or what people tell you. I'll try if you try.

Goes to a march once...#getonthebusatx

Happy 25th Anniversary to my parents! These two have built a pretty damn good life together.

I dunno guys they just love me