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🐮J.K🐴  Join me at BeLive @znjk94 *Referral ID:534080059 Host of 🎙J.K PODCAST @four4folly presents you with crazy friendships of fun and forfeit!

《Four4Folly》Thank you guys for supporting us on our debut! We hope you've enjoy and if you have missed, don't worry! Simply download BeLive App @beliveasia and follow us @four4folly with our referral code: [ 545753960 ] for free 100 gems! Click on our profile to catch up with us!

《The Four4Folly》Had a great time with the follies! Cheers to our debut! First time seeing a studio thanks to you guys❤ (I have always wanted to start my own show however people criticise and laugh at it. Never would I have thought you guys would make it happen! Thank you guys for making it happen and this is our very own show! Love you guys!)

Four4Folly is proudly to bring joy to viewers! Check us out tml on @beliveasia making our first appearance to bring you a new experience! 3 folly members has been spotted and who will be the last member that is unknown? Find out by simply download BeLive app and use our referral code:《545753960》We'll see you guys there!

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Find out who are the 4 members of the follies & stay tune to see what they are up to on their very first Live!
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Having my last sem with them was awesome! Can't wait for the actual day! #jkgraduationday

Natty performance and is it Josh?? Glad to see a few familiar faces and new ones!

IT'S MORPHING TIME!!! When you can't contain the inner kid in you.

Lunch with NattyD! 🦄 yet another coincident outfit! Join us on Belive @znjk94 (me) & @nattyd (Natt) catch us there!

Having to experience Food League live is a diff feel than in stream. Im so honored to be part of this first meet up with BeLive streamers and of course I'm sure you guys see familiar faces too right? Coincident outfit with NattyD! More meet ups to come and do follow us and catch everyone of us LIVE on belive!

A little something i could do for you guys before I enlist. #top10fans

New record hit today highest viewers ever since! And so happy to see the few of you guys back in my stream! Im so happy and words can't explain how much happy to see you guys again! Met new friends and learn new things! Surprise visit from BeLive Admins as well! Thank you everyone! ❤

Wondering where have I been to? Come join me on Belive! J.K Podcast same time same day and definitely see you guys there!

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