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J.K  丝温💕18.08.17 BeLive:@znjk94 @four4folly

I'm proud of you. Being with you is like having a celebrity gf. Your voice is my favourite Melody. Babe you did great! And your friends are lovely. You guys rule the world of music.

Hehehehe so happy for fetching me first time during my book out 💕 the one we took we both look hideous so I took this instead. Yes I had a rough week since last Sunday but you are all it took to change my day.

You scare the shit out of me today.. being playful and cheeky you such an asshole I swear! Doesn't matter because we came from a long way and you did well for being the one coming into my life. You are like the koala🐨. I love you Yohana💕 marks a mth official but we dated longer than that😉

Being our squad favourite PTI, you took us very often. Thank you for making most of our PT enjoyable especially during our PTP phase when everyday have 4 PT. We all remember how tough and fierce you were when you first took us as back then we are mentally and physically weak. With all the memories we had, you made our squad leaving POBC training memorable. Thank You Sir!

When she's the reason you had goals in life~

Need no caption, your smile shows everything when I'm with you. You are my family~

The place where we first met. Unforgettable, yet hold the special memory of how we started.

18/8/17 💕
From the way you smile to the way you look
You capture me unlike no other
From the first hello, yeah, that's all it took
And suddenly we had each other~

Happy ORD to our most fun and always in bad hair day, FI Andrew who made our life in HTA memorable and bring us closer. As complacent as ever, you wanted the standards we did gave you😏 but the standards is in the farewell gift(hope you like it). But the gift NS33 gave you was nth much as compare to the gift before you left, by giving us FI Aniq. As much as TEKKA3 cherish you, we hope you'll be doing well for your next phase in life. Hope to see you soon!

When duty calls, I've to protect my nation. My love ones & you. I put my life on the ground, the frontline, as the thin blue line. You made me look much younger though. I'll be back.

With family, we call ourselves our home. Home sweet home. Yes we does have "coming soon" additions to our family. "I don’t have friends, I have family." - Dom Toretto
My family means everything to me, i love them with all my heart, I love spending time with them...

When 2 introvert meets. Still introvert as ever😂 Enjoy the Friday night after long tiring week in camp filled with some unhappiness. Thank you for the night😉

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