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Zoey Luna Equestrian  • Training and sales in CA • Sponsors : ♛ Ghodho ♛ Tech Stirrups ♛ O3 Animal Health ♛ Its A Haggertys ♛ Millbrook Leathers ♛ Freedom Ice Wraps

Cordi 🖤 this video commentary is priceless hahaha collected/working>>medium canter>>extended ! Love this boy! D was also fabulous is his dressage work today! #cordilaythewarmblood

Cordilay 🖤 big man strutting his stuff! I think he’s ready for the el sueño Show! He’ll be doing training level, or possibly first level! I’m really excited! 💕 we just love our @incrediwearequine wraps! They’re so amazing! Bringing recovery to your workout. Love the attention to prevention this company provides 😍😍 use my code below! ·


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D 🐲 Mr. Dragon will be starting to really focus his medium and extended trots soon. It will be thrown into his routine. I never focused it before purely because my attention was else where but it’s time to begin the push for true extension! #dracarysthehorse

Cordi 🖤 you can give your horse a reward many different ways! When I finish a hard uphill workout with my boys, I love to let them trot out and stretch before they cool out. This is still pretty new to cordi so his stretch out isn’t as over the top as D’s or Romans but he is starting to get the idea and really enjoys to show off his fancy sometimes 😂 #cordilaythewarmblood #zltotd

It’s so important to play with the babies. They really do enjoy a little session of just being silly with no pressure, of course if he does come into my space or act dominant towards me I will correct the behavior, but just as toddlers need play time, so do these guys. #atlastheponycross

Atlas 🌎 no halter, no neckrope! Such a good three year old. I have so much fun with him! He still is just learning all this, this was the first time he went without anything so he was listening to me pretty much the whole time. We worked transitions and figure eights and circles and he was so good! The only thing he can improve is steering but the breaks and transitions were amazing! So proud of this 3 year old baby. He never ceases to amaze me. #atlastheponycross

This is a great little exercise to work on! D is pretty out of shape still and I haven’t been working transitions so this is a bit of a mess but you can get the idea. It’s a figure 8 that is broken down into quarters. You can choose any gaits but it focuses both bend and straightness and collection and transitions! Love it! D will be doing much more of this until I feel he’s using himself correctly again rather than falling into the canter or trot. #dracarysthehorse #zlTOTD

I’m so in love with this edit from @zoeylunafanpage !! Thank you so so much! 💕 I’m off to paint again today! The jumps are looking so good! Anyone wanna see updates on my story?

D 🐲 jumping painting day 1 went really well! I’m loving all the colors!! We’re going to continue tomorrow and possibly Monday but should have the ring back soon! #dracarysthehorse

D 🐲 having a jump painting day at the barn today! I’m so excited for all the new jumps! Also I started up a training page for sales horses, client horses, and student progress if you want to give it a follow @zltraining @zltraining @zltraining #dracarysthehorse

Dragon 🐲 last one in my mini spam for now! I’ll post more later. So I jumped one of the little gates alone and wanted to see how straight and honest he’d be if they were stacked. He was very straight but got a little turbo on the backside 😂😅💨 #dracarythehorse

D 🐲 I like how casually he steps over this! Maybe he needs to do the meter classes at the next show then! Coming August 4th! #dracarysthehorse

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