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In previous years I was hoping everything were going to be easy.Since life will hit you hard eventually,I don't care how hard 2019 is going to be,just bring it on🔥 📷:@faaatinrdza

good morning and Merry Xmas to those who celebrate it today!🎅 #shotonpixel

It's been a long time since my last post here. Usually,I just posted some of my works in ig stories,twitter and some in facebook.So,here's a start on the effort of making my feed cantik sikit.Probably going to post photos you guys have seen before and some from my archive.Most of the photos are shot using my @madebygoogle 's Pixel 2,others are cameras that were lend by some of my friends (tq guys!).Your double tap,comments,teguran and encouragement are highly appreciated.Ada soalan regarding photography,dm and tanya je guys,mana aku boleh jwb,aku jwb.ada lah sikit2 knowledge tu.Soalan susah pi tanya dkt Let's Talk on @danial.nq 's ig😝,he got all the facts.Let the journey begin!

Jonny Arkins,has background in agriculture. The one who brought us met Jim,Andrew and Sam.A bit talkative,but such a friendly guy.It was nice meeting him.

Should took notes on him.The name is Sam. He is an expert on cattle breeding. Been in the businees for 60++ years.This shot was taken at a cafe near his house,which i include one of the view from the cafe.

The Carrigan brothers,owners of the Carrigan Silage. They have been in the businees since the late 80's. They grow and harvest their own crops to produce a high quality silage. Gotta pump those cows with good proteins💪

Jim & Jacky Wedge of Ascott Cattle. Focused on Charolais and Angus type of breeding. Owns a big farm with all the facilities needed which includes their beautiful house. Asked them to give their brightest smile and they did😁

Had the chance to visit few farms in Toowoomba,QLD last two weeks. Decided to join this trip to have a try on agriculture photography. Here's some photos of cattle stock in black and white with more to come in colours. Any comments and advise are highly welcomed😁.

end of an era. thanks bois for everything.take care and goodluck on your future endeavours.

Eid mubarak🌜⭐#bajurayasince2015

you make my life a colourful one.

kek batik and cornflakes madu,cinta terdetik siapa tahu

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