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Visiting the Cy Twombly Musuem is one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had .

A neo-megalithic bust outdoors in Berlin. I painted this work this morning while listening to the opening chapters of Norman Mailer's "An American Dream "- seemed like an odd match of place , motif and book, until I started to realize how our increasing experience of first world globalization has laid cracks into these ideals which seemed so solid , amidst a background of human ambition and perspective that is changing so quickly. We meet a new version of crime and punishment in these opening chapters, a modern conscious, yet a timeless narrative.
I'm interested in the relics of these behaviors and traditions , re-allegorizing new paradigm shifts into old allegories, and then placing these almost anachronistic portraits and figures in a landscape that makes us think of how all this will be ancient one day as well- just as mailer's American Dream- so far as I can tell- has been outmoded numerous times since it's origin, only to be iterated on for years to come. These figures are a sort of meta species, "a summing up" of our core, regardless of the vicissitudes of time . The megaliths are built to address contemporary issues, while also tapping into a deeper primitive pattern recognition, something that could potentially speak to the core of our nature .

Thanks to @epricco / @juxtapozmag !

Curvature is equal to mass .
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I never thought I'd be here ...

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