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Svörtuloft Lighthouse at the west side of Iceland. It was empty cause no one else was dumb enough to visit a cliff in 25 m/s wind and pouring rain...

Stereotypical Icelandic highway views

Mountain and waterfall, pretty much sums up iceland

Woke up at 3am to my Airbnb host knocking at our door saying you've got to see this... Best Airbnb host ever!

A lonely piece of ice on a black sand beach... Iceland isn't even real anymore 💎💎💎

Skogafoss in the winter. Wet and cold, the perfect combination? 🤔

Met a new friend in Iceland today. I call him 2009 Bieber

Bye Houston, its been fun

Houston's got some cool #graffitiart

Got that big oil money 💲💲

Made a friend today 🐿
It lasted as long as he thought I had food for him

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