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ZiffyHomes  ZiffyHomes provides individual rooms in furnished apartments to suit urban need and taste. Don't just rent a home, rent a lifestyle with ZiffyHomes.


Are Daily #Chores #Boring:
To maintain one’s house there are chores and tasks which one cannot avoid but it seems to be boring doing it all alone, where we help you make it interesting by finding you friendly mates where you can do your tasks together and have fun at the same time.

#No #Prejudice:
We keep you away from a jaundiced eye and let you live with a relieved sigh. If you are single or in a relationship and looking for a safe place where you wouldn’t be doubted or questioned about your relationship status then we feel proud to welcome you in our home called #ZiffyHomes!

Come back to life, Bring your smile back:
Do you ever feel like as you have lost your zest and not living your life while making your living, so #Ziffyhomes help bring you back to life where you can bring out your suppressed emotions of joy and unexplored passions as we give that #friendly #environment. So set the music high and wear your dance shoes and sway with a smile!

#Expectations versus #reality:
I am sure you all must have experienced those times when you have been given some expectations but when you face the reality it makes your life upside down.Same is the case when one is looking for some housing #properties on #rent and been shown fancy and stylish apartments online but on the visit get to know the reality which is entirely different. With #Ziffyhomes, you don’t have to bring those thoughts into your mind as we give you what we promise.

#Stay #Upbeat:
#Ziffyhomes bring you the ambiance which keeps your ambitions high and you high on life. Be crazy, funny or even a jerk! No one is stopping you! You don’t have to put your headphones on thinking your loud music would disturb your neighbors. So get high and dance like no one else!

#Relieve your #stress:
#Ziffyhomes will be happy to take your stress of house hunting and in return give you the time to spend on what you like so don’t be stressed to chase the brokers and hence your time.

#Save #Brokerage:
Why spend more than is needed.That’s what #Ziffyhomes believe and hence come to you with a free brokerage service at your door or can say your desktop. All you have to do is get just registered with us and let us know your requirements.

#Time is #Money:
In today’s world, time is the most precious asset and we understand the value of your time, hence #Ziffyhomes will make it easy for you to find a home of your style, and also save your time through a click.

#Shopping #Freaks:
Is it a weekend that you saved for your shopping but just in time your friends ditched you, no worries, you still can make new friends at your house and hang out together or take them for the shopping. See, It’s #Ziffyhomes, and we make everything easy for you.

Late Nighters:
Welcome to a new life with no restrictions where all just matters are you with no owners bugging you with the timings and late night outs and trying to rule out your life. People talk about the constitution but #Ziffyhomes adhere to it keeping in mind the rights each individual has got and hence give you the freedom to live your life your way.

We #value your #struggle:
#Ziffyhomes understand how much struggle is involved in one’s life to get success and how many years one spend to achieve it hence we value your endeavors and believe that you deserve something extraordinary.

Are you a movie #buff:
Are you the one who likes to spend your free time #watching #movies online but missing on a company, so why not bring your friends over or what if you have found new friends under the same roof at #Ziffyhomes!

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