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Zie Darling | illustration ✏️  Illustrator & maker living in Nashville, eating a lot of cheese fries. I also make stuff for @itspaperdear ✏️📓🌸ziedarling.com


15/31 I suppose you can’t really do a Harry Potter themed challenge without drawing Mr. H. Potter. Also I’m listening to the audiobooks read by Stephen Fry and I was listening to the train ride in Book One and the sorting ceremony bit and ughhhhh I love these books so much 😭📚💕 anyway, how’s your Monday going?

14/31 well, this took absolutely forever but I’m quite pleased with it nonetheless. It’s still got some work to be done to it but I’m really enjoying how much I’ve been learning about digital and traditional inking the last couple weeks and I’m also trying to practice other things I’m not as good at. In this case, lighting and scenes. So here’s a fireplace in the Slytherin Common Room, probably where I would spend a lot of time reading and drawing. I like thinking you could look out these windows and see the bottom of the lake. That would be quite soothing with the firelight too, don’t you think?

“PARENTS ARE REMINDED THAT FIRST YEARS ARE NOT ALLOWED THEIR OWN BROOMSTICKS” // year one school supplies list (minus the robes, cloak and name tag) 📚
So I thought maybe that my Harry Potter obsession might calm down a bit doing this 31 day project BUT I WAS WRONG. I’ve got my books out, been listening the soundtracks, playing video games & gettin realllll extra on the nerd scale. Don’t be surprised if I pack up and move off to Scotland and try and find Hogwarts. In fact, BRB.
13/31 #inktober2017

*insert a Siriusly good pun here* ✨ 12/31 #inktober2017

Honestly, Hermione is like one of the coolest cats around. All the puns intended, of course. 🤓📚🐈💨💛 11/31 #inktober2017

#inktober2017 10/31 this one took ages 📚 if I lived in a magical community, I’d really like to own a little bookshop right in the middle of town and on dreary days like today, have hot tea and cakes ready for any customers. What would you like to do, if you lived in the magical world?

“Hedwig” for 9/31 #inktober2017 🦉💛
Personally, I’d much rather get cute owls with letters vs phone calls and voicemails, you know?

Oh this? This is just the very cutest but absolutely worst studio assistant ever. Ten minutes ago he knocked my printer over and ruined two sheets of stickers, then proceeded to steal my chair and refused to move. I just can’t work under these conditions, damnit! 😏🐈💨

For my 8/31 Harry Potter World prompt, I’ve done “Herbology” love me some plants 🍂🌿🍄 I’ve been daydreaming about having a small little garden of my own, but I would definitely need magic to aid me in not killing everything I touch, sadly. Anyone else really good at killing all the plants?

My #witchsona for my 7/31 #intober2017 💛🍂☕️🐍📚✨ according to my #Pottermore tests (nerd), I’m a Slytherin, my Patronus is a rag doll cat (oddly specific and fitting), and I’ve got a “Fir wood with a Phoenix feather core 13 ¼" and Hard flexibility” wand. Please nerd out with me on this and tell me you care about this stuff too? 😏💕🐍

My 6/31 #inktober2017 // I think the three classes I would want to take most at Hogwarts would be Charms, Potions and then Astronomy. But who am I kidding? If I got my letter I would happily sit through Arithmancy or Divination. What class would you be most excited to take?

5/31 🐈💨 // I showed some of the process of this one in my stories, if you wanna check that out but this is Napoleon, my Familiar. He’s pretty good at lulling you into a false sense of “aw but he’s so cute” right before he kills you. True story. Watch out.

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