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Julia Ziegler-Haynes 


After reviewing test prints, her advice was to spritz all my photos with SPF 50, which doesn't sound right to me but she's dressed like genius goddess Yayoi Kusama so I feel compelled to follow her lead. 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔵⚪️🔵

"This is not a moment..this is a movement" Run, don't walk to listen to @fortyisthenew40 's interview on @democracynow (link in profile). Many of the women bravely tagging #metoo on social media might be surprised to know that the slogan in fact began nearly 10 years ago with activist Tarana Burke. What she has to say about it is inspiring and eye-opening to say the very least. #metoo #taranaburke #pandemic 📸 by @witchoria

Running out of words for 'repulsive'

•I will not pretend •I will not put on a smile •I will not say I'm all right for you •When all I wanted was to be good •To do everything in truth •To do everything in truth •You bloody mother fucking asshole •Oh you bloody mother fucking asshole •Oh you bloody mother fucking asshole • For you, whoever you are --Martha Wainwright, BMFA --------
In awe of the women who have everything to lose by coming forward and yet have wagered that the price of silence is too burdensome a weight to bear--not just in the case of uber predator Harvey Weinstein, but the vast sea of sexual intimidators that plague every industry. This story is all too common, I'm hard pressed to think of any genre of workplace that is not riddled with this same bullshit. Looking forward to the day when men speak out against these atrocities alongside us, in equal measure, but if we have to dismantle this system of oppression, prick by prick, on our own, I'm confident we can. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻. Banner flown over Hollywood by the incredible @weareultraviolet #endrapeculture #believesurvivors

With much apprehension I have slowly allowed more art-making to trickle back into my life. For the past several months I have been working towards an upcoming show trying with virtually all my might to not squash the enthusiasm I wake up with and allow the creative flow to do just that: flow. The beginning of my day to day studio practice is not unlike tearing an insolent teenager from the confines of their bed to drive them to the SAT's. Followed by an amped up almost animalistic mania when I hit a stride. Many peaks, many valleys all culminating in a new understanding of self. When you hit that sweet spot where you place the value more on what you've learned and seen and experienced vs. who is going to comprehend what you have to say---🙌🏼---that's the shit. And I live for it.

Hard to resist a catchy limerick

Keep talking, I'm listening...🤔

Taking a moment to turn my attention away from tragedy and such intense darkness and highlight something that stuck with me over the years as a gleeful shard of lightning striking; when life happens and some genius is there to make an incredible song about it. Thank you for the tunes, Mr. Petty..too many to count.

"Grateful" is perhaps an overworked expression these days, to the point of inauthentic corny-ness-- but I'm at a loss for a better fit. Happy anniversary to my old man. We take turns being each other's champions and I appreciate, rely and get by on that.
Thank you for navigating this wild world with me. Gratitude's the attitude and that's 😘👌🏼

Day 2, an improvement, as only 2/3 of us cried today 📓✏️📚

Lil Scribbler

Oshin goes crash
On my feet like a
Warm per of ^water^ slipers The sand
flis bhind me with my
secrit inside. •
......I can't remember where I saw this child's poem years ago but I saved it because it instantly struck a chord so intensely

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