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ژالیا سیروان  Miss Kurdistan 2016 یەکەم شاجوانی کوردستانی گەورە ۲٠۱٦ Artist/Humanitarian "Live to express, not to impress. Work for a cause, not for applause. " ➰


Always been in love with @luminous_lenses so comfortable and natural can not wait to try these new colors 😍✨
Thank you much @luminous_lenses 💜✨💜✨💜✨
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لە کام شاری کوردستانەوە لەگەڵمانن ئێوەی خۆشەیست ؟
Where are my lovely followers from?
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پیرۆزە لە یەکەم کورد ئایدڵی کوردستانی گەورە پیرۆزە لە شاری کۆبانی خۆشەویست ❤️💛💚
پیرۆزە ژیندا گیان
Congratulations to the first Kurd Idol @jinda.kanjo_official @kurdidol

"I wouldn't want to be anybody else. "
شەوێکی ئارام ئازیزانی من ❤️💋🌸
Have a wonderful night loves ❤️💋🌸
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" The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us , but those who win battles we know nothing about. "
ئێوارەیەکی شاد و ئارام بۆ ئێوەی خۆشەویست 💋❤️🌸
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Maybe I'm not like any other girl you see everyday ! I don't pay attention to what I swear , what the others think of me , maybe I don't really care about the life of the others around me , maybe I've never compared my life to the others , maybe this is not where I want to be , where I want to grow ... No , I don't mean those fantasy castles you are all imagining I'm already running away from it .. I've always wanted a quite life without everyone around me judging it ,, sometime I have to do things I don't want to , say things I don't want to say , wear things I never wanted to wear and wear my blue diamond necklace hide my scars and smile it away ...
All of us are showing that side of our selves that we try to make them perfect, just to pretend that we live in perfection !!!
You think my life is my social media feed !? You think I'm only beautiful when I wear make up !? You think my style is what I wear when you see me ?! You think I'm royal just because I wear original shoes and bags !?? I am royal because my heart is gold.
All of them are temporary.... life itself is temporary....
Having an expensive car , wearing channel bags , being famous and looking perfect in those pictures you are all sharing IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT !!!
Maybe you don't even know what life is all about.
My actual life is completely different that's what you see on my social media ! I'll never share my personal life my personal thoughts and feelings cause they are not meant to be shared that's why they called personal.
Just be yourself,, don't fake YOU for the purpose of looking like somebody else , don't ruin your life trying to make it like somebody else....
#misskurdistan2016 #misskurdistan #zhalia #zhaliasirwan

لەگەڵ دەنگە ڕەسەنەکەی ڤێدات'ی شیرین

لەگەڵ بەژدار بووە خۆشەویستەکانی کورد ئایدڵ
لە هەر چوار پارچەی کوردستانەوە ، جێگەی شانازین با هەموومان بەژدار بین لە پشتگیری کردنیان ✌🏼💙

جەژنی ڕەمەزان لە هەموو لایەک پیرۆز بێت لە برا پێشمەرگە قارەمانەکانمان لە خێزانی سەربەرزی شەهیدان لە کوردانی کوردستانی گەورە .
إنشاألله دەبێتە جەژنێکی پڕ خێر و بەرەکەت بۆ
هەموو لایەک ✨🌙✨🌙❤️
دووبارە جەژنتان پیرۆز بێت هەر لە خۆشی و جەژندا بن 💋❤️✨

"Be your own kind of beautiful ✨🌸"
شەوێکی ئارام 💋❤️
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وێنەیەکی کۆن 🙊
Throw back to my favorite makeup look 🙊❤️✨⚡️
#misskurdistan #misskurdistan2016 #zhaliasirwan #zhalia #throwback

" kindness ,, it doesn't cost a thing , Sparkle it everywhere. " ✨🌙✨🌙✨
سڵاو لە ئێوەی خۆشەویست ❤️

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