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Zezi Ifore  💥🔺💥🔺💥🔺arts & culture 🔺💥🔺💥🔺💥 🔹🔹🔹broadcaster, consultant &DJ @nts_radio 🔹🔹🔹 • palmwineclub@gmail.com •

mama I’m a muse❣️proud to be in the campaign for @kitty_joseph’s beautiful CAPSULE collection. Inclusively sized, the collection is dreamy, louche and luxe. I love how important colour is to Kitty’s design philosophy as colour is my LIFEBLOOD it makes me feel like my bravest self, adventure ready #kittyjosephwomen ❤️🌈⚡️💕💥
❤❤❤ Film @bridieosullivan_
MU @kaymontano
Music @vanillasundaecocoasunset

blinded by your three graces @evening.standard theatre awards 🎭🌹wearing @kitty_joseph CAPSULE❣️

so @rosesgabor new single “I Could Be Yours” is out nowwwww a stunning, sensual delight - get into these gorge visuals and then go stream, stream, stream & buy, buy, buy. Thrilled to be in conversation with this actual G tomorrow at @bbcintroducing - catch us at 12.30 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

@filmafrica x 🌴🍷 pt3 this Saturday, rounding out a week of incredible contemporary African film in the best way possible #ENJOYMENTDELUXE 💥💥🏆💥💥

delighted to partner with FILM AFRICA for this year’s opening gala tonight 💥 with the full PWC family on deck (literally) @djlarizzle @rivah45 🌴🍷

today: tune in / come thru 💥

Dear fellow lovers of art & enjoyment, Palm Wine Club will be providing the sounds for a special @rashaadnewsome reception @acehotellondon tonight to celebrate his King Of Arms Tincture exhibition. Rashaad is an incredible & vital artist so do your googles, then RSVP and catch LIFE 💥🖤🚀 6-10pm OYA! 🌴🍷

truly, deeply, cosmically ICONIC 💫✨ @roxannetataei’ - Full Moon in Aries’ out now 💫🌹⚡️✨✨✨✨✨

thrilled to be hosting this tonight 🖤💚❤️ #AFROFREQUENCY curated by my visionary sister @jennnkiru with the iconic @janellemonae ⚡️& the family @bornnbread @bbz_london @ma.moyo 📊📈🌐🌍❣️

I need a rest mehn, one day I’ll be chillin in central park playin chess w Professor X but until then... WE CONTINUE 🚀✨ shot by dream co-conspirator @ollietrenchard ⚡️

to me a key tenet of glamour isnt red lipstick or heels (tho I love both... LOTS 💄👠❣️) it’s feeling and looking LIKE YOURSELF
@ms_edgeley took my glam aspirations to the next level by making the most “me” skirt and then naming it after me - a true honour! 🐐💕
The Zezi skirt is pink & red (my favourite colour combo), mid-length (a flash of calf - chic!) with fishtail frill for wiggling in and all in a gwood heavy fabric (I don’t do flimsy!). It was a particularly lovely gesture at a very sad time when the loss of a loved one took all the colour out of life & was part of a beautiful snail trail of love from friends that led me back to myself (emo but real🚨)
This is one of the reasons I’m a certified #edgeleybabes for life (the other being Alice makes EXQUISITE things).
The Zezi had its first proper outing above when I hosted @sophiawebster’s divine presentation earlier this year and might make a reappearance at the trunk show tonight (after this Miss World speech it might have to lol).
Here’s to wearing whatever makes you feel like Number 1 & friends that remind you of yourself when life makes you forget 🏆💕

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