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👑 X AWALOM  Jersey girl in the ATL music🌟agri/horti/permaculture🌟health🌟service #UniteOrDie #360WeGod Appearances/Business/Booking: zewdyawalom@gmail.com


my brother Miku is a beautiful being 💚 I pray that Allah and the Universe Conspire to Bless him with all that his heart, mind, & soul desire.

the Cookout & Carwash Fundraiser is going down again this SATURDAY! $7 plates, $10 carwash! you can prepay or donate via PayPal to uniteordiecampaign@gmail.com! #charity #donation #fundraising #goals #communitydevelopment #atlantaevents #Atl #Atlanta #atlantalife #atlantaeats

@360wegod @360wegod @360wegod ✨teach a Woman, teach a Nation/ we the Mothers of Civilization✨#360WeGod #360Sisterhood #10KFearless #UniteOrDie

#testimonialTuesday I am a Muslim in the Nation of Islam, & I am of Eritrean & Ethiopian descent. this bewilders some. I read the Holy Qur'ān. I study the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership & guidance of the Honorable Minister @LouisFarrakhan. Islam is MORE than a religion. Islam is more than customs, rituals, & traditions. Islam is a way of Life. a Muslim is one who submits their will to do the Will of God. some of you, specifically those who share my ethnic backgrounds, are unhappy to learn I am a Muslim, especially being in the Nation. but I refuse to hide my faith for your comfort or pleasure. Islam is under global attack, but I am not afraid, I am not ashamed to be who I am & represent what I believe! I pray for Allah's protection everyday & I believe He is with me. and, with the Help of Allah, NO ONE will shake or break my Faith IN Allah! you can't tell me about my faith with a flimsy google search. He alone is where I have found my confidence & security. when I reflect on my journey to Islam, I cry tears of immense gratitude because I remember where & who I was before I came into these teachings. I thank Allah every single day for being after me. through these teachings, I learn about God, His Will, self, my relationship to God, my purpose, Love, & so much more. I was not truly ALIVE before coming into the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Islam has saved my life. I have never been happier with myself. I feel compelled to say: if you TRULY knew Minister Farrakhan, you would be able to see his profound love & know of the daily sacrifice he has been making for US for over 60 years, in the name of Allah! I know what he & Islam have done for me. I pray Allah will Use me to help open your ears, eyes, hearts, & minds. one day in the future, insha'Allah I will share my story, from Atheism to Islam, for the Glory of Allah. #APDTA #AllahuAkbar #NOI #MGT #Vanguard #Farrakhansoldier #TMHEM #Ummah #peace

"360 We God" remix featuring me and the 360 Sisterhood!!! ✨👸🏿👸🏾👸🏽✨ #10KFearless #UniteOrDie #360WeGod #motherofcivilization #MothersDay @360wegod

TODAY!!! 2pm-6pm!!! pull up, get ya car washed and a plate of food for a good cause!
868 Joseph E Boone Blvd NW
Atlanta, Ga 30314 (right next to Blue Seas!)
out of town? no worries - you can still contribute & sponsor feeding a family in the community by donating via PayPal to uniteordiecampaign@gmail.com

THIS SUNDAY @ 11AM! you do NOT want to miss this! Come Hear what We have to say! #360WeGod #10KFearless #UniteOrDie #ATLyouth #FOI #MGT

THIS Saturday 5/13 we're having a Special Birth Dedication to the Minister, Calling Out Any and Everyone of all backgrounds who've been Positively affected by his Work! 12pm-2pm, Meet up at Blue Seas. Share with everyone you know and let's spread the word to make this 84th Birthday Dedication to the Minister HUGE!

we're back at it again THIS SATURDAY, MAY 6!!! Come out and Support our Fundraiser! 2-6PM $7 Cookout🍔🌭 | $10 Carwash 💦🏎

TOMORROW!!! PULL UP to 868 Joseph E Boone Blvd NW 2-6pm!!! Carwash&Cookout Fundraiser!!! Featuring a pop up #GlovesNotGuns Training Session by @afighter4life! We hope to see you there!
if you are unable to make but would like to Contribute to our Efforts, you can Always go to www.uniteordiecampaign.com + click the Donate button at the top! Thank YOU!
#UniteOrDie #10KFearless #360WeGod #Fundraising #atlantaevents #ATL #ATLANTA #theBluff

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