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Parents - don't forget the #financialliteracy!

This is one subject teens should always carry with them. As parents, it's our responsibility to arm them with good financial sense.
Set them up for success by having a financial sit down. A few things to discuss:

2️⃣Credit card offers.
3️⃣Saving money in college.

What do you usually do for fun? How often do you make the time for it? How much do you & your SO usually spend on doing something together? Having a clear picture of where you're spending your time, energy, and money not only allows you to be smarter about how you spend scarce resources, it also gives you the confidence to double down on the fun when you do - #guiltfree.

1. Decide how much you want to buy a home for.
2. Plan to save at least 22% as a down payment & closing costs.
3. Figure out how much your mortgage will be (there are tons of free calculators online). Make sure you're comfortable with this as a monthly expense!
4. Create a dedicated savings account to track your home purchase (Advanced: there are lots of ways to optimize this account to make your money work for you). #letsdothis

We're offering free advising. Send us a message and tell us more about how we can help! DM or email us at support@zetahelp.com!

When life gets in the way, hitting your #goals can be tough. What keeps you going?

What works in one domain sometimes works in others: #mariekondo's advice is a good reminder that our attempts to prune our finances are ultimately driven by a desire to set (and reach) the kinds of life goals that make us #happy. Re-wording her slightly, we can say: "the objective of budgeting is not just to clean our financial lives, but to enable ourselves to feel happiness within our environment." #letsdothis

Where is your #money going? Keeping track of your spending (guilty pleasures or otherwise 😊) starts with #budgeting.

One couple I spoke with utilize a quarterly planning session where they cover everything from finances to longer-term goals. Another setup a Sunday morning routine where they grab brunch and sit down to talk through their finances on a weekly basis. Whatever your system, make sure you pick one! Couples are much more likely to be successful when they have such a system in place. #letsdothis

Most of us may not be able to immediately hit our “ideal” budget at the first go. That's okay: it usually takes couples anywhere from 6 months to a year to achieve their ideal budget and build the right systems to stick to it. You’re going to want to revisit your budget every 3 to 6 months to keep yourself moving in the right direction. When you do, don't panic. Revisions are not only normal but important - a sort of course-correction (if necessary) to keep up with changing circumstances in your life.

Some couples are totally happy just knowing general numbers to stick to while others like to see how they’re performing on a weekly or monthly basis. Whatever approach you choose, it's important to check how well you’re doing against your goals. My husband and I review our finances monthly — we input our transactions manually into our Zeta spreadsheet to see how we’re doing. We then focus on 1–3 behaviors we may need to change to support our goals. For example, last month we realized we were eating out too much and decided to trade off dinners for a travel budget instead. What's your #planofaction?

Goals are important. But it helps if they are also specific, measurable, and time-bound. Having S.M.A.R.T goals is a good place to start. Here's a resource to help you get started on yours: www.hr.virginia.edu/uploads/documents/media/Writing_SMART_Goals.pdf #letsdothis

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