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Zeta  A free guide to helping couples navigate their personal finances together.


Tracking your various income streams and expenses will help you understand where you can improve. Maybe you’re eating out too much, or paying for subscription services you hardly use. Do you turn to any tools, techniques or services to help you track your spending? If so, tell us bellow!

Spending $8 on lunch every weekday or $3 for a coffee might not seem like a lot at first, but how does that add up over time? That’s $40 on lunch and $15 on coffee, Monday to Friday every week ($21 for coffee if you fancy a cup on the weekends, and more than that if you tip and/or you're more latte-inclined). Assuming a consistent M-F schedule, that adds up to $1,920 on lunch every year, $720 on coffee. Tip: skip the coffee and buy some beans to brew at home or at the office. Even splurging on a 12oz bag of premium coffee will cost you somewhere between $15-$25. If it lasts you a month, you'll save between $420 (for a $25 bag) and $540 (for a $15 bag). The moral? Make the right numbers add up: find an investment strategy that suits your financial goals and money personality, and let the magic of compounding take care of the rest.

The the No. 1 fear most people have when approaching retirement. Getting in the habit of working off of a household budget today goes a long way toward reducing any finance-related anxiety - and it's particularly important when your earning days are over. #whatsyourplanb

A TD Ameritrade survey found that 38% of couples were only somewhat or not at all aware of their significant other’s debts. A Fidelity survey found that 43% of people don’t even know how much their partner makes. The irony? 72% of those same couples said they communicate exceptionally or very well about financial matters. Do you? #talkwithyourpartnertoday

Are you a Hoarder, Spender, Money Monk, Avoider, or Amasser? Take a few moments to find out which money personality most resembles your financial tendencies How do you compare with your siggy other? Link here: goo.gl/ZGcVWx

Saturday inspiration from @asktheadvisor.

As a very rough gauge, let's take a look at the average cost of a raising a single child in the U.S. Nationally, the average cost for a week at a child care center, for one child, totaled $196. An after-school sitter set the average family back $214 for 15 hours of work a week. And hiring a nanny topped $556 a week. How will childcare affect your savings strategies?

Happy Independence Day to those of you celebrating. And while we're at it, let's also toast #financialindependence

How well do you know what your partner values, financially speaking? It's okay if your money personalities, saving and spending habits are different (many are), but it's important to understand what those differences are and decide how you're going to manage them. Save the surprises for a more appropriate occasion.

A big step to merging your finances is being clear with your partner on what your finances are. This can be a tough conversation as one of you might be in a totally different place than the other. But the fact is, this is an important step in bringing your finances closer together, even if you’re not married.
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Discussing money with your significant other can be hard, especially if your finances aren’t as great or as straight-forward as you’d like them to be. Our 7-step guide and free worksheet are meant to help you work through the your finances together - with clarity and without fuss. Check out our guide at the following link (or in our bio): zetahelp.co/medium

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