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Zeta  A free tool to help couples organize, track and share their personal finances together.

What do you think - does money advice from celebrities annoy you or inspire you? #realtalk #loveandmoney #zetahelp

Hold tight while I go count my pennies... #loveandmoney #payday #zetahelp

It’s say something nice day - text your SO now! #saysomethingnice #zetahelp #loveandmoney

#relationshipgoals : build wealth and buy a city to leave to your grandkids so they don’t have to ask you later. #loveandmoney #zetahelp #moneytweets

That’s cray. Being open about money makes you much more likely to be happy. Why wouldn’t you fight for that? #loveandmoney #zetahelp

More money, more problems. Kanye reminds us to keep our #goals simple. #loveandmoney #zetahelp

This man doesn’t mess around. Try posting on insta with no battery!! #loveandmoney

When you know what you want, you’re more likely to get it. When you don’t, other people/things start to dictate your priorities. #loveandmoney #zetahelp

Saying something nice costs you NOTHING and gives you EVERYTHING. #loveandmoney #saysomethingnice #zetahelp

Thinking about starting a family? Here are a few financial decisions to start thinking about:

1) Getting life insurance.
2) Planning for any maternity or paternity leave you get.
3) Short-term disability.
4) Growing your emergency fund. 5) Starting a college fund.
None of these decisions are hard. We can help! #loveandmoney #parenthood #zetahelp

Queen @beyonce shows us that if you know what you want, you can go get it. Bey was raised in a black middle class family from the South. How did she make it happen? With a little elbow grease and some hot sauce. 🤣 #mondaymotivation #loveandmoney

Fear is a powerful manipulator! It might not be frightening when mom uses it, but when financial service companies employ it, the consequences can be lasting and serious. Don’t give into it. There are always resources to help! #loveandmoney

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