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So many things to talk about right now...
Ok lets do this. When eth started going down I told the ones asking me, whether or not to buy, to just...wait. When it went lower than the support level of $314 there where people buying, especially when it went close to $280. In my opinion, there is a serious chance it will reach $250. Things are bad and I cant see any signs to a better price in the near future. So do the math... Lets hope I am not right. On the other hand I want to discuss something else. You have to understand that eth isn't just a product to trade and make money. Tbh I believe 98% of the guys who trade lose money. You should care more about eth as a technology. I mean Russia's largest bank joined the ethereum alliance.💶💶🚀 why?? Cause it fcking works(!!) Finally an advice, do research, study, try things and trust yourself. You cant trust your money on other people saying BUY NOW BUY LATER. Research and just think🕵🕵 (photo taken from the investing.com app)

Never stop

For those of you asking how to understand eth and the way it works:
Just go check the source code from github. No guide/article/tutorial can explain how elegant this is. I have read tons of good and trash articles online. The only way is the hard one. Go and try to understand the code. Its worth it

Damn haven't posted in a while... sorry about that I legit had no time. Anyway no excuses from now on. Some of you asked me to start posting more about cryptocurrency stuff and how I started learning and getting good in this field. Im thinking of starting a twitter acc so that I can post stuff like this there. Not only on btc and blockchain tho. Maybe... AI and infosec stuff too. Tell me your opinion. Advice will be appreciated since I don't use Twitter😁🚀

Current setup

Let's catch up with btc
China forces exchanges to stop by the end of the month. So it's actually pretty normal to see the price get lower. On the other hand US banks are open to conducting their businesses to cryptocurrencies + Japan granted 11 cryptocurrency exchange licenses. So the price will get boosted again. After some research I believe there is an upcoming rally to ~$4700. Btw if you care about privacy then stay away from btc and start looking at zcash(created by professional cryptographers) and monero as snowden said

Day 2/70. Today I finished the html course. 2 hours well spent between projects and uni. It was really easy but I guess its the fundamentals. Next step css and sass. The rest of the day is dedicated to machine learning and ethereum smart contracts research. Upcoming cryptocurrency post for the enthusiasts

Day 1
Starting my 70-day schedule to become a full stack web developer with codeacademy. The ultimate plan is to expand my client base and learn how to build cool and smoothly operating sites. I don't know if its gonna be hard but I think its worth it. Lets see how it goes🕵

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time

"Its the little things in life that make you happy"
For sure🤘
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Can't decide which is cooler. This code or Lamar's new album. So I use both. Computer vision and Kendrick for the win. Today I have been working 9 hours straight and learning new stuff. *To be honest nobody gives a fck about your circumstances. This world is not a pink cloud and nothing comes to you the easy way. No matter how hard things get, you have to believe in yourself and in your dreams and push yourself to the limits. Life is really sort. Deal with it and live a full one. You can achieve anything if you believe it. But you have to stop wasting fcking time and work your ass off. Stop watching 3 tv series and work for yourself. Its worth it
As Lamar said
"Im on the way
we ain't got no time to waste"

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