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Matcha Store  We are an Australian supplier of artisanal-quality Japanese Matcha green tea and tea wares. πŸƒ Wholesale & Retail β€’ Shop OnlineπŸ‘‡πŸ»


After an extensive period of time (usually 20-30 days) in which the tea trees are covered with thick nets in order to stop direct sunlight and decrease photosynthesis, the youngest and most tender tea leaves are hand picked, carefully selected and assessed by a 10th grade tea master to produce our finest Ceremonial grades of Matcha.
Did you know that during photosynthesis the sunlight helps converting L-Theanine into Catechins (EGCG)? L-Theanine gives a smooth and mellow flavour to the leaves as well as being a powerful relaxant compound for our brain, while Catechins give to the leaves more astringency while being powerful antioxidants.
Partially shaded grades of Matcha such as Culinary grades therefore contain low levels of L-Theanine but higher levels of Catechins, while grades obtained with properly shaded leaves such as Ceremonial Matcha have higher levels of L-Theanine πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸƒ

Drizzling a well presented dish of Matcha Warabimochi with cane sugar syrup. A true traditional Japanese dessert that combines the intriguing soft texture of Warabimochi with the unique bitter taste of Matcha, balanced by a sweet touch of sugar syrup 🍑

Here is what is waiting for you at @lightyearscafe ✨
A great capture by @forkwithus of a silky Matcha Latte made with our Superior Culinary blend Taishiro, available at @lightyearscafe in Hawthorn East - Melbourne.
Our Matcha Taishiro is available on our online store -delivered fresh to your home for homemade drinks and desserts πŸƒ

In this Japanese cafe in Taiwan the presentation of Matcha Soft Serve is taken very seriously πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Rich and creamy, served into a beautiful bamboo-shaped cup. A great dessert captured by @effy_hsieh πŸƒ

A great way to include Matcha into your baking routine. These Matcha madeleines have the right balance of sweetness and pungent bitterness of Matcha πŸƒ

Did you know that around the 13th century Japanese monks introduced Matcha to Samurai Warriors as a pre-battle drink for increased energy and focus? They learned that meditating through the drinking of Matcha could restore them physically and prepare them mentally for the battle 🎎 Although Samurai are not around anymore, Matcha remains.

When we came across this mesmerising dessert creation by @yedy101 we simply could not resist to keep it for ourselves only.
Here's a great choreography of how to make a perfect home made Matcha Float 🍡

A beautiful capture of 2 of our signature Matcha blends by @_thekdiary - all the way from Hong Kong πŸ‡­πŸ‡°
On the top is our Ceremonial grade Hanae ~ ideal for Usucha ~ and below is our Culinary grade Taishiro ~ a perfect blend for Matcha Latte and all sorts of desserts and culinary uses πŸƒ
These 2 grades along with our full range of Matcha and traditional accessories are available on our online store ~ follow the link in our bio.

Our fresh, high grade Ceremonial Matcha Yukiro sifted into this beautiful pouring bowl by our friend and customer Jill @ojoblu from New York, waiting to be whisked into a frothy brew of sweet Umami notes 🍡

We are delighted by the creativity of the amazing Sam from @wholesomepatisserie.
She turned the flavours of Matcha Lamingtons into milkshakes using our organic Cukinary Matcha Shizen πŸƒ
Recipe for these delicious and refreshing milkshakes is available on Sam's website, so please follow the link in her bio @wholesomepatisserie if you wish to make them at home.

Finding our moment of calm with a rich brew of our Ceremonial grade Hanae ~ creamy and earthy with subtle floral notes.

This was a moment that we had to share. After tasting these irresistible Triple Choc cookies from @organictimes we couldn't resist from pairing them up with a bowl of Koicha - a very concentrate brew of high Ceremonial grade Matcha and water, also known as thick tea.
So here is what our taste buds say after trying this interesting combination: the intense bittersweet taste of Matcha that initially spreads all over the mouth slowly gives way to the rich chocolate hit of the cookie, progressing into a buttery mess of creaminess that (in our ideal world) should NEVER come to an end πŸ™ˆ

Hands down to the tastiest and most natural cookies that we have ever tried from our friends at @organictimes - who put a lot of effort in developing sweet treats made with organic and natural ingredients with no compromises when it comes to real flavour πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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