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ॐ Zen  Spiritual Shop in Birmingham

We are loving this book and journal, beautiful cover and beautiful content.. "Janet Conner lays out four simple steps: Show Up, Open Up, Listen Up, and Follow Up. Stick to this approach and miracles will start to happen. It's all there - you just have to know how to activate it. Listen to your inner wisdom. Turn it on, tune in, and turn up the volume." "In many spiritual traditions, it is an ancient belief that words have miraculous powers and are most powerful when they emerge spontaneously and heartfelt from one's own inner being. Janet Conner shows how writing is a powerful catalyst. This book is an invaluable guide." - Larry Dossey, M.D "We've all heard that the wisdom we need is inside us. Janet Conner shows us how to access that wisdom. " - Victoria Moran "This book is a powerful tool to help you access this deeper realm or unconsciousness and put it to work enriching your life...immediately." - August Gold
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We really do!

Whether you've just discovered us or have been supporting us from the very beginning - We appreciate you!
Thank you :), Truly.
Without you guys there would be no Zen
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Such a tactile little Crystal, we can't put these new thumb stones down!
Perfect for meditation, this little one is a stunning red jasper 😍💜

Abalone Shell Butterfly Rings 😍 obsessed with our new abalone range.
What a wonderful Omen the butterfly is - signifying change, transformation and the shedding of old selves.
Letting go of who we once were, the good and the bad can be difficult, but so very rewarding ❤

Contact us on 01214494995 or email hannah@thezenshop.co.uk for more information :)

Flower of Life Pendant 😍💜

Our Magical Labradorite Slabs have been restocked 👐
Labradorite is literally known as the stone of magic. The perfect stone for anyone who is working on developing psychic abilities 😍
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This tuesday evening at our Moseley location!
Call us on 01214494995 to avoid missing the chance to book your space.
This is a special & unique cacao facilitated workshop ☆

I am a Life Coach, specialising in Transformational work, with mindset and the subconscious specifically. I use a unique process to assist radical changes which include Cacao ceremonies, Hypnotherapy and 1-1 coaching among many other things.
This workshop will begin with a drink of Ceremonial Cacao to assist you to reach a deeper level of meditation and allow thoughts, stresses and blockages to be lifted. ❤

At one point in time Cacao consumption was reserved for only the Shamans and High Priestesses of a community, Used as a way to channel valuable information from their gods, it was worth more than gold. In modern times science has explained why our ancestors believed Cacao was so special. Pure Cacao aids us in releasing depression-lifting chemicals; Dopamine and serotonin and endorphins. With the release of these natural mood-elevating chemicals, you have the ability to tap into your higher self. Inspiration and creativity become effortless, confusion and fear melt away and what’s holding you back becomes perfectly clear and the path to overcoming it becomes obvious.

This is a continuous monthly workshop- so if your dreams or visions are big, you can come each month to keep building on it and have a constant momentum of keeping in the flow!! I am very excited to work with each of you on your dreams to make them a reality!! 💖❤ For more info about my workshops, Transformational Coaching programs and retreats check out my website http://www.lisafearoncoaching.com
Email: lisa@lisafearoncoaching

We are in love with this picture of the peridot #bewater glass bottle insert. Peridot is extremely useful if you are struggling with any of the shadow qualities of the heart chakra - jealousy, fear of abandonment, possessiveness 📸 @thehazelwitch

New Crystals Just arrived 😍
This apophyllite is one of our fav new peices!
Apophyllite is said to promote deep and honest self evaluation and introspection. This stone of truth helps us to recognise our true self. It can facilitate the release of suppressed emotions and helps us to overcome anxiety.
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For one night only The Zen Shop in Moseley will be shutting its doors to the public and opening them up to spiritual and holistic professionals for our very first networking event. Join us for the chance to make new connections within your field, create opportunities for collaborations,develop new ideas and gather inspiration from other healers, readers and therapists.

This event includes:

A free guided tour of our facilities - 
Have you ever wanted to work from Zen? Whether you offer workshops or are looking for a beautiful well established place to conduct your services our networking event offers you the chance to discuss and apply to work at Zen.

Every Attendee will also receive a free glass of champagne and an exclusive 20% off Zen Merchandise.

Once you have obtained your ticket (scroll down for a link to get your ticket) please call 01214494995 or email hannah@thezenshop.co.uk to book a timeslot for your tour of our facilites.

Entrance to this event is strictly ticketed, to be granted access you must be able to provide us with proof of your free ticket, a business card or leaflet and a corresponding photo I.D to prove you are an active therapist. Tickets available from link in description
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Our epic giant parasols are super beautiful, so much detail, all hand embroidered 💙 no filter required 😌

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