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ZEITmagazin  In this #instaZEIT: artist Antonakis

that my dear is something I can’t afford #zeitmagazin #instazeit #antonakis

Los Angeles is for many people a ‘sinister’, solitary place. It is vast, yet if you were bold enough to go around on footyou would see that the locals’ behaviour reminds you more of a small neighbourhood than the second largest city in the United States. Strangers give you friendly greetings in the streets, department store cashiers show you photos of their children or grandchildren, crowds swarm the beaches every day, and in the evenings various fledging artists who work at the bars of West Hollywood or hang out there try to find ways to advertise their work. Recently I heard Jen Clark (a character in the TV series 90210) saying in a scene that “LA is a very small town”. The size of a city is always determined by several parameters, including the attitude or the prior experiences of the one who attempts to measure it.
#zeitmagazin #instazeit #antonakis

Ηey @zeitmagazin this is @antonakisc — so excited to take over the account for the weekend! Thank u so much for all the fun ❤️ ##zeitmagazin #instazeit #antonakis

For our new #instaZEIT: Welcome Antonakis! Antonakis is a Cretan artist based in Athens working with painting, photography, and ceramics to explore the notion of myth. In the past years, he has worked on his vast and ongoing character study of Los Angeles, constructing the city’s mythology, by employing methodologies of assimilation, abstraction, distortion and combining them with structures from the Greek mythology–a fusion of amnesia, remembrance and an almost unsettling obsession with the past. In 2015 he was denied entrance to the US. #ZEITmagazin #weekendtakeover

Passwörter schreiben das Leben #AndreasBernard #LaufendeErmittlungen #ZEITmagazin

Was macht man, wenn man nicht einschlafen kann? Janosch hat da eine Idee. Gute Nacht 🌝🌝🌝

Ein Blick ins neue Heft

Warum glauben Menschen an Ideologien? Ab morgen im neuen #ZEITmagazin

"Ich gebe mir selbst Kraft, sie kommt von innen.“ Happy Birthday Naomi Campbell @iamnaomicampbell 🎂 Unsere Autorin Carolin Würfel traf sie vor ein paar Jahren für uns, hier gibt es nochmal den Text (#linkinbio): Naomi Campbell braucht kein Power-Dressing. Sie ist Power. Eine Audienz beim unberechenbarsten Supermodel der Welt.

GELOBTES LAND. Jedes Jahr pilgern Tausende Gläubige an die heiligen Stätten der Bibel. Die Fotografin Merlin Nadj-Torma hat diese Orte in Nahost besucht. Beim Betrachten ihrer Bilder fragt man sich: Ist es wirklich nur der Glaube, der den Orten ihren Zauber verleiht? Im aktuellen #ZEITmagazin

I grew up 30 min away from the Baltic Sea. We returned to the wonderful Darß island w director #zenovontrapp to shoot this summer video for my latest work Under The Sand. @bbc6music was one of our first big supporters, now thank you #instaZEIT and #ZEITmagazin for the takeover! #annavr

„Imagine commerce and business when love is the way, when we are all family. A new human family.“ Well, yes! Finally someone using the worldwide attention for a cause !! #michaelcurry #royalwedding #instaZEIT #zeitmagazin #harryandmeghan #annavr #healtheworld

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