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Dear God
Plz can u make all my dreams cum tru and plz protect all my darlingz and thank u 4 my life and 4 giving me chance 2 create things out of nothing and thank you 4 connecting us with all our fans who feel more like sum
kind of futuristic cult family... fans doesnt feel like the right word #fam and thank you for giving us the chance to see the whole world and thank you for holding me back for so long till i had mastered so many artforms and was ready to blow up in more ways than 1... #music #film #art #fashion #tv #magick #manifestation and thank you for this body dat i get to rock for a while while i have a pulse, and plz help me empty my mind so it can keep getting filled up with new fresh shit that we gonna keep pumping out till we die... u da best God... love u ... amen❤️#GodAkaMe foto by @_aaron_beck #psGod plz can u heal the earth and make all the fuktup ppl running it hurry up and die or fall or change 2cum nice so that we can finally be in da future i dreamed about as a kid, not this messed up future we in now... #GodBlessThisMess❤️ #IncreaseDaPeace #AreYouMaster?

this is a cute selfie that chappie took a lil while back... we shot a whole campain of these cool family fotos that they were going to market the film with, but at the last minute the movie studio ppl suddenly got paranoid and cut us out of all the trailers and out of the foto marketting campaign... although we were the lead roles in the film??? it amazes me how retarded some ppl are... but anywayzzz 😝 we making our own tv series now, and its gonna be the illest tv series in the history of the universe and guess who's NOT invited to the party#fuknidiots #youcantsitwithus #💰🛩🛥🌴#ZEFtv✨

little roger by @rogerballen for his show at #Foam opening in amsterdam 2nite

go hard or go 2 church #fokkit

earth angel #16❤️


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