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zef baba❤️

just a bit of botox.. nuthing hectik..

if u are ever wanting to achieve something that is maybe difficult to achieve, sometimes just take a second to close your eyes, focus on your 3rd eye, take a deep breathe in... and out... and in your mind say VICTORY! do this as often as you like, whenever you like, wherever you like... but NOT when you are driving😂 this shit can help you break open hidden dimensions! 👽 art by our @wattle_bird

all my girls do yoga #zefzen✨

so crazy! this giraffe killed a cameraman last week just outside of johannesburg😞rip carlos🙏🏽😔❤️u will b sorely missed

yo 2️⃣NINJA7️⃣ speaking☠️im gonna be holding a series of FREE RAP WORKSHOPS in the cape flats, soweto and kwazulu natal soon🌍where i will teach rappers how to blow da fuck up worldwide and get all da money💰after this i am going to form a new rap crew with my favourite disciples called The Chosen Ones, who will feature on DIE ANTWOORDs final album, which we have officially named 2️⃣7️⃣The Chosen Ones will open for DIE ANTWOORD on our 2019 world tour. Our mission is simple:
🌑Set The Standard🌑Take The Lead🌑Eliminate The Competition 2️⃣🇿🇦🇺🇸7️⃣👆🏽

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