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Z Berg  If Laura Palmer didn’t die...

Yo, I know I’ve already posted today but fucking BREAKING NEWS: @palmspringsteen is playing @itsaschoolnight tonight and you’re fucking invited. Apparently The Like played the first School Night ever and we were super fucking mod back then and I remember having a fight with Jon Hamm about high heels of the sixties. He was insulted by my diminutive stature in my miniature heels and to be honest, in retrospect, so am I. I won’t make that mistake tonight. There’s a link in my stories to RSVP for tonight’s festivities in case you don’t want to pay for it. I hope to see you there. I brought two different pairs of thigh high boots and four different black miniskirts to choose from tonight so it’s anyone’s guess who makes the cut. 📸 by @bradleyjcalder

Go to TheZBerg.com and get yourself banged out with all this sick new merch that’s almost all gone already cause I put it up at midnight and you sweet sweet vultures swooped that shit up and I love you the most. @pavlina.art and @inspectorclarke you are such amazing artists! Thank you for my Russian Red and necrophiliac likenesses. I think maybe from now on I will only do limited runs of designs YOU guys draw. Whaddia think?

Thank you to @alliebuckley and @mrjohnathanrice and @sidthecatpresents and all you sweet desert babies that slithered out to @pappyandharriets this weekend. If you weren’t there, I’ll have new T-shirt’s and tote bags up on my website tomorrow as a consolation. Limited quantity so get your clicking hands ready. 📸 by @chronicappeal

A tiny zeezerizer in the wild by @aaronbernards. Spring has frickin sprung I guess.

It’s time to pull the trigger, y’all. Gather up a box of wine coolers and the girls, pile into the ‘89 Chrysler Le Baron, and take a little trip to a place where the stars are bright and the margs are sickly sweet. Between the sultry baritone of @mrjohnathanrice, the mellifluous crooning of @alliebuckley, the DEEP DEEP sadness of me, and the heavy wobbles of my dope ass band, The Los Boyz (featuring @tbergulosis, @masonstoops, @seump, and @lincolnmendell), there’s really something for everyone. Make this weekend one you’ll talk about at your bachelorette party when you’re professing how scared you are to spend the rest of your life with a mellow orthodontist and you yearn for the days when you were young and carefree, cruising out to concerts with the gang. Oh yeah. We’re playing at Pappy and Harriets on Friday and that’s what I’m talking about. Ticket link in bio! 📸 by @janellshirtcliff for @catherinefulmercollection

Weeeeee...We got what you need... raw milk, bulletproof coffee, supplements up the wazoo, blue light blockers, an oven that will toast your toast in about an hours time... oh wait that’s just what you’ll find at @alliebuckley’s house. What you NEED is to come to Pappy and Harriet’s on March 15th and watch us play a bunch of songs about love, regret, misty colored memories, and the searing resignation and inability to change any of my patterns that informs almost all of my personal writing. And I’m not even kidding, Allie will probably offer you some milk. ticket link in bio! 📸 by @chronicappeal

This could be you, March 15th. Running through the desert, saying whatsup to each and every star. Buy your tickets for Pappy and Harriets now! Link in bio. 📸 by @wray_mccann

March 15th is fast approaching, my dudes. Ticket link in bio! Just look at this fucking wrecking crew. Come see @alliebuckley, @mrjohnathanrice and ME and my band of adorable Boyz RIP IT UP at Pappy and Harriet’s in delightful Pioneertown, California. It’s gonna be a Friday night. It’s gonna be a TIME. I need you. We need you. You need us. We need the desert. We need to run topless under the stars and chase tumbleweeds through the cold desert night air. (I’m talking to you, @langleyfox). One time in Joshua tree I got lost in space for two hundred years. Just floating around alone. Went through every stage of grief and panic imaginable. Then floated around some more. I remember every minute of it even now. This time I only plan to spend 24 hours there but I just really think you should come. Ok? 📸 by my main man @chronicappeal

COME TO SADDLE RANCH TONIGHT. That is all. 9pm. Free. All ages. Free bull rides. @Palmspringsteen. Joy. Weirdness. Cowboys. You. Me.

Tomorrow night, Wednesday the 13th, @thesaddleranch, 9pm, prepare to have your wigs blown back by these idiots, aka @Palmspringsteen. Come check out our debut single/video on 40 tv screens, have a giant mound of Candy Floss, ride the mechanical bull, watch the greatest show of your life. Let us be your pre-valentines. You won’t regret it. Until you wake up with a pounding headache and spend all day throwing up and miss your actual Valentine’s Day plans. But Valentine’s Day is for nerds so we’re doing you a favor. It’s free, it’s weird, it’s all ages. 📸 by @bradleyjcalder in his tinyshower. P.S. sorry I’m blocking your face with my big head, @noahgersh.

What are you doing March 15th?? Well if you know what’s good for you, you’ll pack up your cowboy boots and your 🍄’s and head on down to @Pappyandharriets in Pioneertown to see meeeee-Z BERG, and my dear bros @alliebuckley and @mrjohnathanrice play a wild night of music. We will drink too sweeeet margaritas and run off into the desert night, perhaps never to be heard from again. It’s a Friday night so, hey, fuck it, stay the weekend. You deserve to get weird under the stars. 📸 by @kristingallegos for @thrillsco

Come ride that mechanical bull. It’s your time to shine. This shit is free and somehow ALL AGES and the kind of thing that if you miss you’re literally going to have nothing to talk to anyone at work about the next day. Don’t make that mistake again. Be the person with the hip stories. Maybe your boss will be so impressed you were at the Palm Springsteen show at Saddle Ranch that he’ll finally invite you over for a dinner party at his house and show you his tiny flatscreen and the George Foreman Grill™️ that he keeps next to the bed. It’s the day before valentine’s day and if you’re single I guarantee you the WEIRDLY familiar and much too friendly hug I’m bound to give you will keep you warm until the next day is over. If you’re NOT single, this is THE PERFECT time and place to propose. 💍

9pm, @thesaddleranch, @palmspringsteen and a bull. Time to make some memories. 📸 by @sarahpardini

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