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Living in one of the oldest neighbourhood in Singapore, there is aplenty senior citizens in Toa Payoh.
Walking around the neighbourhood at night, however, brings a sense of sadness for me.
The homeless community, invisible during the day but very much visible at night - is also made up of old folks.
Having to work late into the night, I do come across these folks very often.

"Lights will guide you home". Do everyone feel the same when their plane land on home ground? With all the travels, it's still good to be home?

I'm always grateful the moment the plane hits the tarmac. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to fly out to a destination and finally come back home safely.
Perhaps it's the feels I have with Changi Airport.
Do you have the same feels?

#ChangiT4 #ChangiAirport

"Take me to another place, take me to another land. Make me forget all that hurt me, let me understand your plan." #ChangiT4 #WanZeeCornelius

The Changi Airport branding is strong. Even their carpet plays a part in their branding.
The new Terminal 4 is massive on automation. I supposed it'll be quite smooth for savvy travellers.
I'm glad to have the chance to go through the open house even though I didn't get the mystery prize. (Yes, I'm sour! Haha!) #ChangiT4

"Me and you, just us two". 16 years together finally got me feeling "wow, that long, huh?" There couldn't be any other force than His divinity that got us together, maintaining our love all these years.
For all my flaws and imperfections, I thank you for seeing beyond them. "I love you" isn't enough to tell you how much I appreciate you. Just as how "Alhamdulillah" isn't enough to show my gratitude to the Almighty.
#since130701 #WanZeeInHK #WanZeeCornelius

I have never been more proud to be part of another entity like #TheCodetteProject. (I am responsible for its all visual branding!).
On Saturday 19th Aug, the Codettes are launching our official partnership with #ppissg. .
Come and join us at this FREE event! Just register at: bit.ly/PPISxTCP .
Swipe to find out who are going to be there!

The first day we arrived in HongKong, was also mid-Syawal. Which only means the moon would be out full and bright.
The full moon that night in HongKong was so surreal. It looked so huge and near yet it sat nicely in between brightly-lit buildings. It was almost dismissed as one of the bright lights from the buildings.
I couldn't help but felt so at home when I was there. It felt just like standing by the bank of Esplanade Walk. It brought back memories of us dating many years ago.
It was almost magical. The week we were in HongKong, is the same week we celebrated our 16 years of being together and Wan's 37th birthday.
HongKong has left a deep etch in my heart. It'll be forever special.
#DiscoverHongKong #throwback #WanZeeInHK

Looking back to how HongKong happened for me, I can never be grateful enough.
We didn't get to do much research for accommodation but we were smacked in between 2 listed halal Cantonese food. I'm also grateful for dual-language road signs!

I'm glad the Wan could come along too. Having his birthday elsewhere than Singapore was an achievement.
As usual, #myWanModel complies to my "stand there, move left, inch right, okay stop!" for this shot.
#throwback #DiscoverHongKong #WanZeeInHK

This restaurant by the corner of Heard Street caught my attention the first time we walked past it.
We would either take the MTR or the bus and this restaurant is a few streets before our accommodation.
I love how it has so much character on the exterior. And it is bustling eatery with people even after midnight. This place closes at 2 in the morning, if I remember correctly.
I cannot tell what exactly they are selling as the menu outside was all in Chinese.
Night photography is not bad with my iPhone6s.
#DiscoverHongKong #throwback #iphone6s

I am blessed that I get to visit HongKong. It was almost a diminishing dream.
But when I got to HongKong, I was living the dream. It looked just like I pictured it. And it's picturesque, too.
Every where I looked was photo worthy. Every moment got me feeling immense gratitude.
Something about HongKong that got me. In all, it was the best week I've had this year.

Thank you for being my right-hand Wan #since130701
#WanZeeCornelius #WanZeeInHK

Hello Hong Kong. I didn't think I'd make it here.
But Alhamdulillah, here I am, in what seems like a miracle.

#typografi #WanZeeInHK

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