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It was hot but it was also the best kind of weather for photos. I couldn't resist. The DUO is the newest kid along the road's stretch.
Amazing architecture. Don't you think?

The Downtown Line has got to be a blessing. Although I need to tap out at Newton's NorthSouth Line and re-tap in through the DL, it takes me so much quicker to arrive at Bugis.
I have been spending very lovely Saturdays at Arab Street for a lot of weeks now, and I am getting quite fond of it.
Here's something I just noticed as I was taking my time to enjoy the air-condition on a hot sweltering morning of yesterday.

The weather has been just as moody as I have been. When it rained, it was heavy as it can get. And then the humidity just engulfed you.
Did you suffer from the sweltering heat over this weekend, too?

Thank you, @coldplay for the best visuals & experiential concert I've ever been to.
And to finally have closure, that after all these 16 years, I won. I am the Last Letter, indeed.
Thank you, my First Number, @wancrnls.

@erasamat thank you, temanku sayang.
#AHFODtour #ColdplaySingapore

#SomethingJustLikeThis had the best visuals.
I was just in awe of the whole visual & experiential effects during the whole concert.
Those auto-lightup wristbands are awesomazing!! #AHFODtour #ColdplaySingapore

Yellow, @coldplay, nice to finally see you after missing out 16 years ago.
#AHFODtour #ColdplaySingapore

The building has a location many retailers would love to be at. But the price to pay for, is certainly high.
So high you might want to reach for the stars.


I love how the many lights are reflected on the glass.
Just like a party of lights.
Yes, the building has no name and goes by it's location.

We had the privilege of being brought around the newest building along Orchard Road.
Our architect friend who was heavily involved with 268 Orchard Road, hosted us and showed us how cool the building is.
The entire facade is made of clear glass, held together by stainless steel bars.
I am amazed.

Black Ink Seafood Risotto.
This is my new love from Badoque. I'd say it has an acquired taste and not many people would be adventurous to try this dish.
This is the only place in Singapore so far that I can safely eat shellfish without getting any reaction. Their seafood is as fresh as they can be.
#MakanPuas #halalsg

Sirloin Steak (Medium). I learnt to appreciate red meat only after I've met the Wan. And Badoque serves their meat in such a humongous portion.
#MakanPuas #halalsg

Mermaid's Tears.
One of the best things I've tasted from Badoque since their early days. If you're not a spicy-tolerant eater, you will experience the real mermaid's tears midway the plate.
#MakanPuas #halalsg

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