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Looking forward to more memories in the next decade with you, insyaAllah.
#WanZeeTurns10 📷 by the Wan.

This has got to be the best date of our lives.

For all of the 3,650 days or more, a thousand times over, I would still go through them with you.
Thank you, my love.
#MyWanModel #WanZeeTurns10

Less than a week to our 10th Anniversary.
Again, I usually overbook ourselves with work before going off and it puts the pressure on both of us.
This week has been rather a whirlwind of emotions. After not getting a proper visit from Ms Cherry, for say almost 4 years, I welcomed her with mixed reactions.
But I am grateful to feel more than a woman once again. (Pun intended, but of course.) We visited the only 2 standing red brick pillars, from the old National Library at Stamford. A place very dear to me and both of us, too.
Taking a break from work and enjoying each other's company without work as distraction.

May your marriage be filled with joy and love, patience and compromise, strength and forgiveness.
Ameen Allahumma Ameen.

"This is how I smile in 2017", the birthday boy said.

So believe in yourself.

Believe in your abilities.
Believe in conquering your own goals.

And let there be only ONE thing that can hold you back.

Let that one thing be YOU. (Quote taken off #Believe video by Shimano)

Death is inevitable. But yet, we usually put it in the back of our minds.
It is only when someone close passed on, life jerked you awake.
Suddenly time sped by you. Precious moments started to fill your mind.
Take time to look into the eyes of your family members and tell them you love them. Hold their hands in yours and freeze those moments in your mind.
For you might be gone before them.
I hope the family of the late Haji Makan Bin Mohsin stay strong together. We are your family, too. InsyaAllah we will always be there for you.

Took 1.5 hours to work on my recycling project with just these tools.
I created 2 "light boxes" for us to snap product shots, out of 3 tissue boxes.
View my #IGstories to see them.

(Happy New Year: 1 of 3)
I just saw this tutorial on YouTube which got me all excited. In less than half hour, I managed to follow the tutorial and came up with this custom typography.
There’s so much more I can and want to do with this new skill I picked up!

I forgot what it’s like to create something new following a tutorial. I have to follow my time-table if I want to learn more stuff in 2017.
Here’s to learning new skills and putting them into practise.

(Happy New Year: 2 of 3)
Each new year, most people will have new resolutions. For me, I’m finding new ways to make my same old resolutions work better. 
This year, I have new collaborations to focus on. I believe we have so much to share and we can do much more by working with others. 
New mindset to tackle the same challenges. New ways to challenge the norm.
What’s new with you in 2017?

(Happy New Year: 3 of 3)
2016 was a year I had my major breakdown. A huge tiff I had with the Wan made me crazy. I went for the window twice, and if it hadn’t been for the same man I was insanely angry at, I would have been either injured badly or dead.
The year taught me great patience and forgiveness. I am grateful that Allah still grant me faith and the chance to rebuild what might have been lost.
2017 will be the year of all things bright. Our marriage will meet its first decade. 10 years of just us two. The Wan said we’ve grown to be a part of each other. I believe so, too.
I hope this year will be filled with joy and may it be bright for you, too.

Happy New Year!