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Cayla Mattea Zeek  Painter • Designer • Adventurer • Maker • Owner of Mattea's Hand: @matteashand


Happy Lent Everyone 💦

Worked hard building/hanging shelves today for a special project 😏 Feeling like Tomb Raider with these #artsandcrofts

The paint fell on the fabric
Pink, gold, blue and green
She couldn’t understand it
Not everything
About was meant to be
But there she stood
And the darkness seemed like it was behind her
Yet she was walking towards it
While facing the light
The wall glowing white
Pictures on the floor reminded her
What it means to conceal and reveal
To show a glimpse of what’s inside
But not give it all away

Pink Milk 🌸

Little Gemini Rising with a Little Gemini Moon. I look through all the mirrors and all I see is you.

Ram on❤️


January 31st, 2018 felt like the first day of the new year. I watched the moon disappear into the purples and pinks this morning from the top of a parking garage with two of my best friends. There was this feeling that passed through me as we each silently prayed, where the clouds in my mind started to shift and move as the inner storm passed. A tingling ran through me from my crown and tears came down my cheeks as I clutched the totems in my pockets from special places and loved ones.
This feels like the first day of the new year and I am so grateful to be apart of it.

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to get out of bed. I wanna lie in this womb for hours because it’s scary out there. So many possibilities, so much hurt, anger, jealousy, sadness and overall fear. I wake up so afraid in the morning. It takes everything I have to reach for love, reach past self doubt and pull myself out of those comforting thoughts of lying in my bed forever until I somehow pass into another dream. There is a hellish dream outside at times, but I have every power to change this dream. So! This song came on the other day, and I couldn’t shake the thought that I had to draw something with these lyrics. It reminds me to get up, do my best, and bring the shine to my life. It’s so goddamn hard, but I know, I know, I know I have it deep within me. I know I’m gonna get up out of this cozy ass bed and make my life shine. #assbed #bozscaggs

Deer and Boar Skull Studies from life

Last Friday was such a great day working for @225batonrouge! Here is a behind the scene shot of my first time modeling for a fashion photo shoot. It was so exciting to work with this team of talented women who are so good at what they do. I’m very inspired and can’t wait to see the March issue of 225!
Working on set:
@merryfloral (thanks for the photo 💕)

Bring me some pinks
I’m all about them pinks
Any thinks
Any winks
Hold the sinks
I’ll float in them pinks

I had a lovely time hanging my paintings with @michael_zeek at @acadianasymphonyorchestra#familylovesmichael #brotherlookatpainting

Feeling Rusty 🧡

Tonight is artwalk and @olivialight will be showing some amazing new work at Gallery R Downtown Lafayette! I have so much gratitude for this amazing piece she made for me in October. “Elements to Escape to...” will be among many other works tonight from 6-9 so come check it out!! And yes, there will be vino 🌵🍷✨

The day before I left for Portland
I drove out to my muse
The lady in pinks and blues
Oh egret at your feet
And the cypress knees
I bowed at the bank
Green reflection
My lady lake
You did show those pinks and blues
Oh lovely muse

“Setting the Table” Oil and Newspaper on Masonite (2013) - This painting portrays items from my childhood mixed with German newspapers I had collected when traveling. I was obsessed with Dutch still-life paintings and dada collages at the time...still am actually!

Sometimes a beautiful photo is made in a space that doesn’t look so appealing at a first glance. One must slow down to see the potential - this tiny spot happened to be hidden between two warehouses in Freetown. It also helps to have a lovely pal willing to explore and balance on a plank of wood for the sake of an image 💚

My desire for the absence of neck pain can be seen clearly in the beginning of this drawing - ha haaaaaa anyhow thanks to all of you for the kind healing advice.

The last sunset of 2017. What a year for growth, travel, human connection, beauty, and love! This swamp otter is happy to finish it out with Lake Martin and @olivialight 💕

This journey began with a girl moving in with me for three months in order to finish graduate school - it turned into something greater than I could have imagined. I'm so grateful to have met you and for the insight/joy you have brought into my life. Here's to our adventures and all the ones ahead 💛✨ #anamcara #missohio #sufjanstevens #changes #newgirl #talkingboutthetaurus #bookstores #jellydonut #musicals #ednaandmargot #milanos #shewasasmartgirlbeforeshefellinlove

@nathanrocky captured me on the front porch of my home two summers ago 💛✨

Hey y'all, check out the newest edition of @wondersouth where you can read how I discuss the idea of "Becoming a Creature, Becoming a Child". It truly is my most favorite piece I have read in reference to my work and it was a joy to work with @jeffreyroedel and @nathanrocky on making this happen 💛✨

Cathedral Rock

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