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🎥 On the set of @suenosdealturadocumentary, “The feat and accomplishments of Mexican climbers of different times, united into one unique documentary”. It has been a real honor to work on this project with the talented and driven filmers, Joshua and Rebecca, not to mention all of the inspiring characters that will be featured! This power couple and climbing community consists of some of the most genuinely passionate and friendly people I have ever met. I have no doubt that the artistic film will convey this feeling! Give these guys a follow and see history in the making! 🎬 Shown here is @alex.h.catlin and @rolando_larcher climbing their new 10 pitch route, “Vuelo De Fortuna” 5.13b

Massive congratulations and respect to these two today! @alex.h.catlin and @rolando_larcher just finished bolting their new 10 pitch route, “Vuelo De Fortuna” 5.13b in La Huasteca and it’s a downright incredible piece of rock art. Redpointing a sport climb born of your own creativity and vision is a concept I am just beginning to appreciate, but this line is on an entirely different level! Witnessing this particular redpoint was not only full of hair raising exposure on the continuously overhanging wall, but certainly one of the most inspirational athletic feats I have ever seen. Back to back to back 5.12+ with 5.13 cherries on top was the flavor of this climb and most impressive of all was the style in which it was bolted. Rolly’s ground-up tactic of free climbing between hooks of his own custom design, without aiding, to drill bolts from is truly a testament of a finely tuned bodymind. Something we can all aspire to! 🙌🏼🍻💪🏼 This climb will be featured in @suenosdealturadocumentary coming soon!

“Motivalce” or “The Motivated Moose”. Named in part because of the overhanging moose antler tufa wranglin you do with 100 meters of air under your ass. And also because of the motivational element of consciously seeking out some of my fears and engaging them while bolting and cleaning this route ground-up and solo over the course of 5 days. I wanted to work through my fear of steep pitches way off the ground (it’s all in yer noggin), the associated logistics of getting down, and most of all, being alone on a wall with nobody but myself to consult for solutions. I must say, it turned out to be a ridiculous amount of fun, despite the moment of blowing a #2 cam out of the roof! Redpoint attempts are underway but it’s going to take some serious dedication on my part to free everything in one go. All the 5.12(+?) climbing is towards the top after plenty of pumpy, technical and psychologically thrilling moves below! You wouldn’t want it to be easy right? Muchas gracias to @climbtech and @canadianalpinetools for supporting and forging the metal that makes creativity possible! 🍻💪🏼

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“Tell me something my friend. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? I always ask that of all my prey. I just like the sound of it.” 🌠shift🔩ing at La Psicodelia🔮


🗿🌴 Pincher strength progress diagram: 👨🏻‍🌾 = 🦑>🦀>🦞

La Psicodelia 🔮 Over the last few weeks, I’ve learned more tricks than I’ve had tricks in the book while developing this new psychedelic crag that I found on a rest day hike. Thanks to my dedicated amigo Pablo Fortes, we have been ceaselessly at work ground-up bolting these complex and overhanging tufa routes, often using every type of rock and ice gear I have to hang from and drill. Instead of just aiding, after placing a bolt, we hang the drill from a hook on sling, free climb up into the unknown (sometimes taking the whip) until we find a piece of gear good enough for body weight then pull up the kit on the tagline. It’s the most adventurous sport climbing I have ever known! Flow rock is like a warmer version of ice climbing and many of the same rules apply. Pictured here is Floyd El Rosa (Pink Floyd) and we are thinking it will go at least 3 more pitches through a palm tree tufa paradise!

🍕night at Rock Camp (@camping_climbing). My favorite day of the week thanks to @feryrodriguez_climbing 🍻

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