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Zaira Cisneros  To seek out the riches of knowing Jesus. This is a gold rush. 🎒🔬🌊💒

περισσεύειν - perisseuein
to overflow, be in abundance of
Jesus told his followers that when the Spirit arrived, they would receive power. When the Spirit overflows in you, when the Spirit is abounding in your life, you are given power to become the person God designed.

una semana después y todavía obsesionada 😍

el proceso es el premio
el desierto es el premio
el cielo es el premio

this book has wrecked me 🙌🏼
Si no lo haz leído L E E L O!
#readmore #learnmore

my neurotransmitter necklaces finally came in! ☺️🔬
#chemistry #ifyouknowthatneurotransmitteryouarecool

Im here for you like the birds taking the parasites off a rhino 🦏🐦 #hlbd #ily 🎈

If you sought perfection
I'd die tryin' to reach it
But this broken heart is all You want

And I'll throw my weakness
Into Your greatness
If this broken heart is all You want

I'm falling, falling to my knees
at your feet I surrender! 👣🙌🏼

I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues - Dr. Seuss 🌳🌿


part time job: Christmas wrapping
if you guys need any assistance and more info please click on the link in my bio . . .

ehhh just kidding

but I do loveee Christmas wrapping 🎄

I L O V E greenhouses 🌲🌿🌼


look how cute this case is 📱

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