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21daychallenge /meal guide for people who do like the gym and just trying to start there #fitnessjourney.. #zayfit Link in bio www.zavispadgett.com

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1.One of the greatest misconceptions in the exercise world is that if a woman does strength training with weights her body will bulk up in the same way as a man’s would, making her look less feminine and less attractive in most people’s eyes. The facts
In reality, it takes a long time, intense training, and usually a lot of steroids for a woman to achieve a bodybuilder’s physique, and only through sustained, intense effort can a woman achieve any noticeable increase to her muscle and body size.

FACTS: Women can easily get the increased strength, fitness, healthier bones and other benefits that come from weight training without making themselves any bigger.

The main reason for this is because women have something like ten-to-twenty times less testosterone in their bodies than men do. Testosterone is what makes human males develop muscle mass during puberty, as well as giving them more body hair and deeper voices. Because men are born with a much larger amount of testosterone, they are much, much better equipped to gain muscle mass. SO WHEN YOU SEE THESE BODYBUILDER WOMEN THERE TAKING A LITTLE SOMETHING 💉💉💉💊💊🏋🏽FACTS!!!!! #zayfit #charlottefitness #charlotte

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