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Painter 🇺🇿  Things I see / things I make

Finally re-found this. Really into the sculpture+open space+preposterous amount of “Things” on the rhino (By Urs Fischer #ursfischer) #spectacle - 43rd and 5th [Stopped by during the day- def best seen at night.]

Saturday (new beer garden in Bushwick)// Sunday (friendliest Shiba Inu)

Jenny Saville’s “Ancestors” paintings at @gagosian on 21st 👌🏽

@mrjonhopkins this weekend 👌🏽#moogfest

🎶 🎶 Most of the crew at @moogfest // many thanks to @jonnahumphries for making this happen!! #vip (and @rexriot ) #moogfest

Still settling in but yah, moved to NYC. Hit me up if here/visiting, probably lost track of who’s all here 🙂

Feeling right now ^^ -moving to NYC tomorrow! (“Man in the City” rooftop piece by #johnsauve in Detroit #fbf)

We came, we hiked, we conquered? #Moab #friendstrip

toilet w/ the most picturesque view (was locked. #poppedasquat) + the boat ride that wasn’t (was a wine-drinking porch instead) #moab #girlstrip

Picture-perfect #Moab

Watching the sunrise.... #nofilter

Delicate arch with studly ladies 💪🏽⛰⛰ #moab #girlstrip

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