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z a r i n | r a s h i d  “ Perseverance & Faith " ✂️ Fashion Designer ✒️ Project Management 📍 Toronto | Dhaka 📱 Check out @zarin_rashid & @littlemisshourglass for my work✍🏽

It’s okay to lose track, it’s okay to break down but what’s not okay is to forget everything that has been going well for you once one thing goes wrong

You’ve got this❤️

I wish you listened to me when I say “no dessert” 🍦

Have you noticed how at times, judgement and criticism barge in and change the direction of your thoughts from where you were headed towards in the first place?

Took a risk and wore all white this year. Coming back without a stain and no rips = my Eid was great! Hope yours was too🌸

The beauty of being mindful about a present situation is that it eliminates the need to dwell on what has or will happen
Stress is unnecessary & so is overthinking

Even if we can’t be together in the end, I’m glad you were a part of my life [ this ones for you, Toronto ]

As you become clear about who you are,
you get better at deciding what’s best for you ⭐️Know yourself first ⭐️

Here’s to one of the best days so far. Officially a designer now😇

Isn’t it so easy to get lost amidst the attractive people around us? It isn’t as easy when you put effort to know what’s on the inside and then make your judgment 😇
Don’t fall for outer appearance because then, there will always be something better to steal your attention

Grateful for the little things

Never waste time thinking about something that makes you feel bad. Instead, take away it’s only power:

While I shot these photos, I had neighbors cheering me on throughout. I waved back once it was done 👋🏼

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