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Zack Arias  I'm an editorial/commercial photographer based in Atlanta. My main portfolio is @ Resources for creatives @

My dear friend, @mamen_saura, lives in California and had some questions about flash photography and wanted to know if we could talk on the phone about it. "Just get on a plane and come hang out for a day and we'll get it figured out!" - So she hopped on a plane and we got it figured out. ☺

Had a great shoot with @emmylawmusic this week. #phaseonephoto #gtftw #Phottix

Picked up this old school camera stand at Wings Camera last week. Brings back a lot of memories from when I assisted in studios where these were the norm for 4x5 cameras. My TetherTools table just fits where the 4x5 film holders used to go. I love this thing!

My TV debut! If you YouTube "Dynasty first look trailer", and you don't blink, you'll see me, @wesq, and @ell.island for 8/10ths of a second! I actually got a speaking role. On Dynasty! Dreams do come true! 🤣
I was hired to play a photographer AND shoot stills for the art department to be placed in the show AND rent my gear out. It's by far one of the most unique jobs I've ever been called to do. #dynasty #phaseonephoto #illbeinmytrailer #celebritylife 😜

Tabletop day at the studio. It's so much easier when all your stuff is where it's supposed to be. Really enjoying my new #Kupo grip stuff. Flying the #phaseonephoto overhead on a boom.

Fuji junk drawer. 😜

It's only taken me two something years to get this studio where I want it.

Recent shoot with the Scott brothers. #phaseonephoto #hgtv

A few images I recently shot of @ludacris for @jezebelmagazine. He was awesome to work with and was really interested in the #PhaseOne I was shooting. He's been getting into photography! Great guy. Awesome crew. 🙌

I may have a #magbeam addiction. @magnetmod .
#fujifilm #gfx50s #gpp2017 #onelight

How I roll for local location gigs. •Rock n roller cart
•ThinkTank Logistics manager for lights
•PhaseOne pelican style case
•Full apple box
•ThinkTank backpack with Fuji gear/laptop
•Kupo c-stand with arm
•Sandbag •Lightware 48" bag for stands & modifiers

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