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Still haven't met zara idk if there's much luck I just spoke to her guitarist and she said she was out #zaralarsson

Wish me luck! Today's the day! I hope I meet zara! #zaralarsson

Can't wait for sofia to meet Z!! (That pic tho ahahah)

So tomorrow one of the things I've been waiting for my hole life is coming true! I'm meeting one of my idols! I can't even type right now! #zaralarsson I hope she stops for me


So far here's what the front of the card I've made for zara looks like @zaralarsson

Я собираюсь корма

Seriously tho 600 new followers in 1 day? So happy thanks a lot!! Welcome! Comment bellow if u are a new follower, I'd be curious and happy to know who is new here 😉

Someone told me one day that when people become celebs they always end by thinking they are more important than everyone else. And asked me later if I become one, one day, what kind of person I would be. I answered that this is a complicated question, because we never know how we turn. I told her that she was wrong, because some celebs are still on earth and kind and generous. I answered that if it happens to me one day, I will try my best to never change the person that I am, and have the biggest heart ever.
Like u @zaralarsson, u didn't change and thanks for that :))

Have a great weekend guys!! I'm gonna get a new haiiiir style and cuuuut today I can't wait but I'm also a bit of scared lol!! -a

Comment stuff I should tell/ask zara when I meet her next week

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