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Venice it appropriate to post a Venice pic?? (Hint: always) #TravelEasyWithGZ

Red sky at night, backpacker's delight. #TravelEasyWithGZ

"Madrid is disgusting and I hate it here ugh" - Me, dripping with sarcasm. #TravelEasyWithGZ

I skipped over this fountain, which was dumb cuz it had a pointy thing I could've impaled myself on. If you skip over Sevilla when you go to Spain, you're dumb cuz it's on point. 📸:@gaaabbbeeesss .

Grathias, Barthelona. .

Friday was a complete blur of hugs, kisses, and a massive outpouring of love from family and friends from all stages of life. This morning as I lay there in my bed, I thought about how many people it took to get me to where I am in my life. Thank you to all the family, friends, mentors, patients, and even strangers who kept pushing me and encouraging me to get to this day where I was able to wake up and call myself a doctor. ✌🏽

Reflecting on the magic of the last couple weeks

Hello hoodoo how do you do? #felizcumpleaños #hoodoohoodoo 📷: @craiglindell


I got angels all around me they keep me surrounded

Now the joy of my world is i̶n̶ Zion.

Temecula weddings are Teme{cool}a weddings #oharaeverafter2017

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