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Boaz  Psalm 40 🎸🎶 Probably the same reason why you use Instagram too✌ @GIRI.theband ⬇️Cover by @sxuyi and I



❤️ you've been nothing short of the best. Sometimes even the best vday dinner falls in comparison to a nice long bus ride home with you. To more 14th of febs @sxuyi ☺️ throwback to Taiwan.

#youarelovedbecause we've been through so much la Hahah 12 yrs leh. I've known you as long as a p6 kid has been alivem lelz. If you're free come see my event at church k. ✌️ (Designed by @sxuyi @_sxuyi so talented this gf)

From our talks and dreams of adulting since 10yrs ago to the current, from all of us being clueless teenagers sitting beside each other in class to you inviting us to your wedding, its crazy la. Extremely happy for you😊 Congratulations Mir :') thanks for having us, wishing you a blessed and blissful marriage ahead!!

Months of hard work all put together. 📍14th Jan (today), 730pm, Aliwal Arts Centre!
I've seen this guy grow in music like crazy (almost from ground zero from a good 5 or 6 years ago) and now I'm so honoured to be part of his band playing his compositions! Gonn be playing some crazy fusion jazz and rnb. Totally stunned by his compositions but it really warms me when I see that he relied on God in surrender to reach where he is now in his craft and in his life. 🎵: @xxdomimoo 🎥: @wesleybiebster 🎚️🎛️: me la #singularity

On to Yr3 Sem2 with these crazies 🤦🏻‍♂ let's try to study as much as we chill.

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So much happened I can't even hahah. But what I can, is say that it was a year of God’s goodness. He pulled me through, sometimes without me knowing and other times, by letting me know that only by His strength, I could overcome. Leaning on the Lord can be quite tough sometimes, so weird cos it's easy and hard at the same instance, but when He taught me time and time again to let go and let Him, it always became easier. The situation might not have changed, but the manner by which i would tackle it would be different because it would be from a “God-perspective” rather than my own. It was a time of learning again to trust on another level, a deeper level. Its always that grind of going into another level and finding that place of growth to breakthrough. When I had no inspiration, He gave abundantly. When I was dry, He filled my soul. When I was weary, He gave me rest. When i was doubtful, He gave assurance. When I was scared, He gave me courage. So many things happened, and a busy year it was, but His goodness remained constant, only when i properly opened my eyes then i saw. And it brings me to the current start of 2018. Such excitement brews within me for what’s in store. There’s too much to be said of 2017, so if you’re ever interested, just jump at me and ask “what did the Lord do for you?” and i’ll tell you and testify of His goodness!
To my cell of 2016~17, the Lord's "CONQUERORS", we started as just 3 regular members! You’ve been there through it all with me (whether you know it or not)! No matter what I experienced in the week, I'd come and see your funny antics and super loud laughs. You guys heard my stories here and there and I pray you won’t just take away the funny, crazy tales or my lame jokes, but catch and remember the meaning behind all i shared and the important fact that God is so real and He has such great purpose for each of your lives!:) Remember to always turn to Him, the one who saves and overcomes and I'm sure you will also testify of His goodness!🙌 #allforjesus #ignytereflection #conquerors

Hello 2018! Blessed new year everyone✌️God was good in 2017, and I pray His favour and even more breakthroughs and revelations to come this year! So blessed, so blessed, so blessed. 📸: @van_essance


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For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.
Isaiah 41:13 NIV •
This whole year has been full of trials, but more importantly, victories over each trial. Still in the midst of reflection and journaling but there is one thing I'm sure of that has sustained me - my God has been faithful and made a way for me this whole year. Now, He has allowed for a period of proper rest to reflect more! Thanks be to God for every situation🙌 #ignytereflection 📸: @beth.tsinjie

Blessed 21st @niccccyeo @natyeo_ 🎉

I see statistics everywhere (finals pls end kthxb) but really ,thank God for his provision and sustenance🙌 📸: @beth.tsinjie


(more than) 1 week late but nvm 🎂 ✌️ awesome sem with y'all, now for finals. 😴

Another year with you ❤️ The Lord has blessed:) [also, we just did a video on YouTube, watch till the end to see how the proposal went. Link in bio😂]

New types of crazy everyday, #stayfresh #staywoke #staylit #stayinschool #stayinlabs or #stayhome 😂

When there's that one evening that makes your whole week better:) thank you for blessing us with the voucher @cherie_ong 🙆 (don't worry, I ate your fill too heh😂)

Bad hair good day. 📸: @shairelfoo

Can I action a bit?😂
📸: Russell Tan @russelltanty

It's finally here!!! What a journey of faith it has been the past few months!! If you are still wondering what it is, just come only. The music very nice one la (by my trusty music team and I), but more than the music, the message behind the musical is so much more meaningful. :) #IgnyteTheDash

Interesting week of celebration after celebration. From a totally normal day of school on my birthday to having so much more for the week because of good friends. Thank you guysss, God has blessed me with you :) birthday week...secured?? Hahah love y'all. 💕Thanks for planning @sxuyi | navy = ❤️ @lestyerr @therandomrandal @kennethzile @kukunathan @cedrictoh and Russell | thanks for the pirate ship 😂 best first day of school @mafiadino @niccccyeo | thanks for the brownies 🍫@tessafoo

Yr3Sem1可以la 📸: @sxuyi

Belated birthday dinner treat from the bae ❤️

FIGHT VALIANTLY! 3 months of vocational attachment just passed by so quickly! Now back to school and I can't wait to be back in December;) Thank you to the officers and crew of RSS Valiant who made my VA an enjoyable time of learning, and a really fun experience indeed. #fightvaliantly #rssvaliant

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