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Francesca Uriri  Founder @leadingladiesafrica Contact: . How "they" see you, is never as important as how you see yourself.

For those who couldn’t get the tickets, you can watch via livestream.

Repost from @narrativelscape using @RepostRegramApp - For those who could not get tickets for "An Evening With Chimamanda" starting by 3-7 p.m. on Saturday, 22 September, there will be a livestream from 4-6 p.m. Follow us on our Facebook page: to watch the livestream. Questions will also be taken from viewers on all our social media platforms.

My brother is my hero.
The perfect dose of “bring me down to earth,” when my head is too far up in the clouds.
My “stop over thinking it, and be easy” guy. My “lets speak in pidgin english for hours.” With you I am free to be me. I don’t have to be strong or wise - you do all of it for me. I love you man @brando_047. I’m SO glad you’re my brother, and I miss you SO SO much! 💙💙 #bestguy #myguy #Dero #yourestillannoyingtho #fambam

An evening of conversations with Chimamanda. You could win a free ticket.💃🏿💃🏿 Repost from @leadingladiesafrica using @RepostRegramApp - We are giving away tickets for some lucky ‘Leading Ladies’ to attend an evening of conversations with @chimamanda_adichie

To participate, you must reside in Lagos and should be available to attend the event.

To win, give the CORRECT answers to the questions below:

The book "Dear Ijeawele or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions" was originally published when?

The book "We Should All be Feminists" was published by which publisher?

Goodluck! 😃

@narrativelscape @chimamanda_adichie

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Cheesing and glistening in the sun with my brother @kofiashon, thank you for always making media rounds a little less intense. 💙

#prdiaries #prgirl #mediagirl #commspush #Accradiaries #media #communications #workmode #runninginheels

Thank God we don’t look like how our day was.
Thank God we don’t look like the mini meltdown we had the night before.
Thank God for friends who prop you up, for love that keeps you grounded, and for the glorious presence of God that keeps you rooted.
Everyday is a testimony, a living, breathing testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Meanwhile I love the “hotness” of Ghana sun, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to scald your skin off, unlike Naija sun.🙄🙄
Perhaps also explains why Ghanaians are black like they bake them in the oven.😆😝😋 #workmode #grateful #melanin #sunkissed

I’ve always like Gabrielle Union - mainly because there’s a girl-next-door, chilled-laidback quality that I’ve always sensed about her. She brings truckloads of that and a generous sprinkling of humour to this book.
@gabunion keeps it EXTREMELY real with this one. This is what the journey to self looks like - there are a lot of twists and turns, dips and bends, wins and loses, friendships, relationships, and she’s talking about it all with humour. Yea. Even the uncomfortable/difficult stuff. I especially love the agency that comes through. She’s the author of her story, and she’s telling it her own way. That’s extremely powerful and inspiring. As women we are socialized to blend in, to smooth out all our edges, to be less than our original selves, because the world maybe uncomfortable with our authenticity. Then we find ourselves, or at least we begin to, and finally ditch all that bullshit.
The chapter where she writes about Prince; she captures his essence so powerfully and the fact that he was a “connector,” especially to black people. This book is laughter, learning and humorous wisdom. Love it!! 💙💜🧡 #gabrielleunion #weregoingtoneedmorewine #greatreads #autobiography

Selfies with Bible Girls by @lajuiren
Nearly every story in this book made me teary-eyed, and I’m not even sure why. Maybe it’s because I could see myself in many of the characters, maybe it’s because the humanity of all the women listed was captured so beautifully. If you’re a flawed woman, the kind who’s aware that Grace is the only reason why you stand - then read this book. There are not many books that make you feel understood- this one does. It’s hugely, deeply important to take “selfies” with “bible girls,” “just like you.” Through this book, Laju allows you see bible characters through the prism of humanity. It’s a beautiful gift that she had. I didn’t want to, or should I say couldn’t put it down. Thank you for the beautiful gift @lajuiren ❤️❤️ #favebooks #greatreads #LajuIren #greatgift #grateful

The #AMVCA2018 🧡💙❤️

Going green and cheesing with my dearest aunty @chizormalize, earlier today at the @wimcang conference. Always a pleasure to see you ma, and thank you for the timely words and for always always providing much needed clarity and affirmation. 💚💚

“Always be joyful.” 1 Thess 5:16 🧡🧡

Career conversations earlier today with the incredible team @bellanaijaonline was so so wonderful!Thank you @uchepedro for being the perfect host and for all the positive vibes and GREAT energy.
Being able to share so candidly about my career growth, failures, mistakes and triumphs makes me feel so grateful and blessed to be in the space that I am. Thank you. 🧡🧡 📷: @lagoscitychic cc @ota_akhigbe you must be one proud sister!😄 #careerconversations #BN #BellaNaija #Runninginheels

I believe wholeheartedly in what Ivie is doing in helping people with their careers. So I’m sponsoring two women to attend this event. Say in the comments section why you want to attend and I’ll choose the most compelling responses! Repost from @iviechic using @RepostRegramApp - Woohoo!!!! Super excited.

I actually never liked all this masterclass,roundtable things, but with 18million unemployed people in Nigeria? We have got to help!!!!!! Regrann from @whitecollargist - We are super excited to be working with Lady @iviechic 💃💃💃. No career just falls on your lap, you have to actively build and create one,just like she did.

With over seven years experience as a recruiter, Ms @iviechic has helped organisations hire and has helped qualified candidates get and retain their dream jobs.

The roundtable session is an opportunity for her to teach you everything, from writing your own resume, to where and how to source for jobs, to how to build a career yourself, negotiation of salaries, getting and retaining your dream job and career advisory per individual.

35 slots only, but 15 have been taken already, so if interested please send us a DM asap.

We cannot wait!!!!! - #regrann

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